Sunday, December 27, 2009

These Aren't Your Mom's Tights

Well first I apologize for the picture being sideways, it isn't like that when I upload it but, for some reason it keeps rotating once it gets into the post, annoying :).

This week has been great. I went from last week where, I had to work for my miles and thought my legs were going to fall off or go on strike to this week where, I just had time for some great runs. Last night I made it to 81 miles so I knew going into toady's run that I could make my goal of 90 miles for the week but, I thought my legs were going to be tired. So as I set out on my 9+ mile run I wasn't sure what to expect. The temp said it was 36 feels like 31 so, I put on my new compression tights (seen above, I would have taken a picture of me in them but, dang they are so tight they might as well be see through :)). I almost have to wrestle with the suckers to get them on (sorry in advance to my pacers for Rocky if you have to help me get them on, it ain't going to be pretty but, I do promise to shave). As I headed out on my run I felt like a million bucks, dang my legs felt fresh, my ipod was going and I had on my favorite hat, come on does life get any better? Oh and the first song up was: Cotton Eyed Joe, now you know I was running down the street singing at the top of my lungs, in the tightest tights you have ever seen, with a hat that has a pom pom on top and a jacket that is nearly neon green, it was AWESOME. My poor neighbors. I ran the entire run feeling like I was flying it was great. Runners high from start to finish. 9.3 miles in 1:17 at the end of a 90 mile week, all I can say to that is Yipppeee and I love my tights oh and well of course the song Cotton Eyed Joe (seriously you have to check out the song and the lady tap dancing to it, for some reason that really cracks me up when I am running).

Oh and one note about the pants: I did try them last week for recovery instead of my socks and they didn't work as well as the socks so they are definately going to be just for running for me. They were great.


Jill said...

Hi! Found your blog via Heather's. Wow, I am truly inspired with your quest for a 100-miler. I can't wait to read about your journey to get there - it's going to be a great race for you!!! Happy New Year!

tara said...

Thanks Jill. I am super excited. Cathy, Anna, Marny, Tracey and Bethany Hoffman are all going to the race to help Pace and Crew, should be awesome.