Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Necklace

When I lived in Texas I had the great fortune to meet one of the kindest people I have ever encountered.  Our daughters are the same age and so we hung out together and somewhere along the way became GREAT friends.  Liz has the biggest heart.  I don't know how else to describe her.  I would put a picture of her in this post but she is rarely in a picture (she likes taking them) in fact for the 5K she sent me a picture of a treadmill for her photo, ummmmmmmm.  Anyway...back to the raffle.  When I told Liz what I was doing (with the 5K) I didn't even have to ask she volunteered a necklace.  Then she topped that by offering her own friends a second necklace if they would register for the race.  I am not kidding you, she made three necklaces in total for this race.  All of her work is one of a kind, the heart you see isn't bought at some bead store, she cuts it out of metal then paints on enamel and fires it until she gets the look she wants.  She can make you anything you want.  So if you are in the market for a super cute necklace you should check out her etsy site or contact her if you want something specific.  Trust me she can make ANYTHING! 

I had to include the necklace she just made me.  I absolutely adore it. 

I just love the heart.  She did such a great job with the enamel.


# 273 Cathy Crisp

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FeltFinland Raffle

Amanda at donated "Joe."   OMG!! He is so cute.  She is a D-Mom.  Thank you so much for your support. 
Winner: 125 Cynthia Berglund

RazzyRoo Raffle

Even if you are not in the market for a headband you have to admit the name Razzy Roo makes you want to check the company out. They have kindly offered up two awesome sport bands.  They have a lining that makes it so they don't slip.  Wooot wooot.  Ok I am a tiny bit bummed to have to give these away, they are super cute.  If you have a chance please head over to FB and "like" them. 
I think this is the one in the package, isn't it gorgeous.  Love IT!

Winners: Pink: 34 Heidi Timm, Blue: Kaci Nash

Injinji Raffle

When I began this Virtual 5K I was looking for companies to donate things for the raffle to entice folks to sign up.  I began emailing companies of the gear that I love to use and a few of the companies really came through.  When I contacted Injinji they checked out my blog and saw that I had a need for a padded Injinji sock and you know what...they not only sent me two pair of socks for the raffle but a pair of padded Injinji's for me to try out.  OMG!!!! I am in love.  I save them for my long run each week, they are the best thing since sliced bread.  I adore, make that ADORE them.  So if you don't want blisters and are thinking of running some serious distance I recommend these socks. 
And our 2 winners are: 65 Jason Chandler (M) and 130 Karen King (S). 

TallyGear Raffle

I cannot begin to say enough great things about TallyGear.  Donna Annese the owner was kind enough to donate several belts.  My nephew uses her belts exclusively.  My sister spent years tracking down a belt that could hold Joe's pump and keep up with his activity level (see example below) when she finally stumbled upon the Tally Gear she hit the jack pot.  They have tons of products.  You can get a belt just for a pump, one with a second pocket (with window) for a Continuous Glucometer, you can get a purse, you can get a belt for running, etc... They do it all.  I have a few of their sport belts for running. Oh and she made me matching headbands to go with my running belts, LOVE IT!!! So if you are in the market for a belt check out her site.
This 5K was really for Joe (my nephew).  I want a cure for him.  Love that kid.  He is wearing his Tally Gear in the photo.

Won by Kelly Marcuzzi this AM.  A college rowing friend.  Love that my college rowing team came out in full force to support this run.  Thanks.

Winner: Vol Stover

Winner: 249 Bridget Maher (ahhhhhhh my niece won, that rocks!!!!!)

Winner: 151 Erica Ridley

Hats and Scarves Raffle

Cindy.  Thank you so much for donating all of these amazing raffle items.  YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

Well we were super lucky that one of the D-moms is an amazing crocheter and was willing to make some things for us to giveaway in the raffle.  Cindy Roerig seen above makes the most amazing hats and scarves.  She will make flowers on them (see picture of Chloe's hat) or add tassels, you name it the lady can do it.  She puts all the proceeds to ADA and JDRF so, if you need a hat or scarf she is your gal.  Last winter I told her I wanted a purple hat for Chloe with a flower and she made the most gorgeous hat.  I loved that the money was going to such great causes.  Please support her if you are in need of winter gear, you can order your custom item by emailing her at:

Chloe's hat

Winner: 225 Nicole Cozad

Winner: 4 Susie Ryan

Winner: 86 liz Day

Won this AM in a raffle by Alex Cairns

Winner: 22 Beth McCrary

Let the Raffling Begin

Admin Items:  Please let me know if you have suggestions for how to make this event more successful or run smoother next year.  We earned well over $3K this year and plan to do it again next year but, in April or something (it is a total time suck so Chloe needs to be in school). 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU:  To everyone who registered and got friends and family to register.  Also big thanks to all of you who donated items.  You all made this successful.

Incentive Prize:  I believe Becky V has it won with just over 20 folks but want to make sure I didn't miss anyone, so you have until days end to speak up if you got more than 20 people to register.  Great Job Becky, we appreciate it and the platter Mrs B made is AWESOME!!!!!!

I still need addresses from some of the other raffle winners, please check to see if you have won and send me your address to:  I think we will give it a week if we can't track folks down I will reraffle prizes at that point. 

Let the Raffling Begin:
Winner: 230 Natalie Duckworth. 

Winner: 265 Kelly Marcuzzi (Currently in Africa, ran the 5K with an armed guard)

Winner: 246 Reyna Maher

Winner: 61 Alex Cairns

Monday, June 27, 2011

Road ID Raffle

Road ID is just an amazing company.  Not only are their ID's indestructible even to my young nephew Joe but, when you buy one of their bracelets you can donate part of the proceeds from your purchase to JDRF.  And of course when they found out what we were doing here with the 5K they went above and beyond again.  They gave us 8 yes 8 Gift Cards for $15.  So here you go folks.  The winners are: 237,189, 200, 109, 141, 158, 152, 162.  Translation....

Tracey Kite
David Nash
John Volovsek

Emily Bloom
Greg Ridley
Halley Haach

Wahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send me your addresses and I will get your Gift Cards in the Mail.  Address:

Tracey Kite

David Nash

The Volosek crew

Daddy Bloom, no idea which of the cute girl pics that were sent in is Emily.  If you let me know I will change this :)

4th Wave and 3rd & 4th Raffle Prize

And the Winners of the Awesome Pottery are:

Cheri Visscher (43) and Lora Ackerman (153).  Wahooooo!!!! Email me your addresses at:

At the close of business today I am going to start raffling off all the prizes so standby for tons of winners.  Get your times/finishes in so that I can enter your name in the raffle.  All you need to do is post anywhere in the comments of this blog that you finished and if you want to send in a picture for an extra entry, email it to me at the above email address.

Pictures are still coming in.  Love to see everyone having some 5K FUN!!!!

Duckworth Crew
Megann Heath

The Heath's

The Heaths
The Volosek's getting er done as a family
The Volosek kids, love the sign, what it was right side up to her.
The Volosek's
The Volosek's

Nikki and Adie

Check out Megann's Race Recap.
 Check out WeCareAlot
The Duckworth's Race Report

Sunday, June 26, 2011

3rd Wave and 2nd Raffle Winner

Daughter Gilwee: You are the new proud owner of an AWESOME red running hat by Head Sweats.  Email me your address:

 You can still register.  Just need to get your 5K done by tomorrow at midnight. Click on the icon below.

Share it

OK now for some exciting news!!!! Theresa Zahn of Pensacola FL has made us to vases to giveaway.  They are gorgeous.  So today there will be two winners.  Each will get a vase that looks like the one below.  Wahooooo!!!!!!

Vase for Sunday's Raffle x 2
More Pics are coming in.  Love it!

Team Bean
Bourdeau Crew

Mama Bourdeau

Oh Vibrans and Injinji's LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Bourdeau

Bourdeau Family

The Forciers.  You rock! 

Dan Forcier and his daughter Sophie

Now that is what I like to see.  A seriously tired looking runner.  Go Julie Go!


Stephen.  Nope we don't mind the flag in the background at all, infact love that we have people in other countries doing this race.  Wahoooo.  Go team Scully.
Ollie ran the 5K for his son.  He is in Finland.  Love the fact this made it beyond the US.  Thank You!
Gilwee Gang did the 5k as a family, love it!

The Nash's in action

Tara Gabler and her crew

Coach Tracy got hers done even while on vacation.  Thanks Mama!

The Bean Crew Blogged about the 5K