Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Necklace

When I lived in Texas I had the great fortune to meet one of the kindest people I have ever encountered.  Our daughters are the same age and so we hung out together and somewhere along the way became GREAT friends.  Liz has the biggest heart.  I don't know how else to describe her.  I would put a picture of her in this post but she is rarely in a picture (she likes taking them) in fact for the 5K she sent me a picture of a treadmill for her photo, ummmmmmmm.  Anyway...back to the raffle.  When I told Liz what I was doing (with the 5K) I didn't even have to ask she volunteered a necklace.  Then she topped that by offering her own friends a second necklace if they would register for the race.  I am not kidding you, she made three necklaces in total for this race.  All of her work is one of a kind, the heart you see isn't bought at some bead store, she cuts it out of metal then paints on enamel and fires it until she gets the look she wants.  She can make you anything you want.  So if you are in the market for a super cute necklace you should check out her etsy site or contact her if you want something specific.  Trust me she can make ANYTHING! 

I had to include the necklace she just made me.  I absolutely adore it. 

I just love the heart.  She did such a great job with the enamel.


# 273 Cathy Crisp

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