Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Still Alive

I know what you are thinking?  What the heck happened to Tara?  Over a month and no post...Well you see we up and moved from Texas to Conneticut.  Now that is one heck of a move and whats more is the house we bought needed/needs a ton of work.  Doug and I are pretty dang handy so, we can do a ton of it ourselves but, it is eating up my time.  However....LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!  Enough said. This house ROCKS!!! We live right on a lake.  We spent last week playing on the ice and I imagine we will spend the summer swimming in the lake.  I haven't got a ton of running in but I have had some serious speed work.  In the above picture you can see me pulling my neice Bridget and Chloe.  I would run as hard as I could and ramp them over little mounds of snow we made.  Then Joe (my nephew seen skating by me in this picture) would jump on the pile and I would pull all three.  My legs were screaming after two days of giving rides but, I figure it had to be a good workout.  Oh and the squeals of delight made my day. 

I have gotten out for a few runs and I love the neighborhood.  The roads are pretty narrow so not ideal for running but, the neighbors tend to drive slow so at least no one should mow me down. I have tried to run the trails a few times but, dang the ice storms really messed up the snow around here.  It is so icy that it takes off skin when you run into it so, I need to figure out how other runners do this winter snow running when the snow is iced over on top.  I haven't seen anyone running the trails so I am guessing they are just too messed up right now to run but, if any of you have ideas let me know.  I am new to this snow trail running. 

So just a quick post to let you know I am still here.  I am running again but, only short distances for now.  No idea what races I will do this year.  There is so much to do it is hard to sort it all out at the moment. 

We do have a guest room all set up.  We have already had two sets of guests.  So if you are in the neighborhood please let us know and stop by.