Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things are Looking Up

After months of feeling off I am finally feeling like myself again, yay!!!!  Sometime last summer I picked up a staph infection, that stuff is nasty and it was misdiagnosed by two doctors.  I went through multiple rounds of antibiotics and now I think I am finally rid of it and I am feeling better.  Wahoooo!!!!!  I now wonder if that played a role in my issues at Heartland, who knows. 

For months I would head out to run and just feel horrible, like I was running in sand, I couldn't make my legs move.  It was a huge struggle to get 50 miles/wk in and my long runs were short.  I was starting to think maybe it wasn't the medicine maybe I was just out of shape and had lost my will to run and then...THIS WEEK MY LEGS CAME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so relieved.  I feel so happy.  I am not in my usual shape but I am in doing ok.  I got in 21.5 yesterday and felt great, Monday I ran 13 and then went to crossfit for 200 air squats, 100 box jumps and 50 Dead lifts.  I am me again.  Emotionally I feel like a ton of bricks have been taken off my back.  It is so hard to not feel right and not know why. 

Because I am somewhat out of shape I am not going to run Boston on Monday.  I don't think I am ready to run a marathon and then an ultra 5 days later.  I do still plan to do the Jack Bristow 50miler, I won't be going to defend my title, that is unrealistic at this point but I know after this week that I can finish it.  I can run 50 miles no doubt.  Oh MAN it feels so good to say that. 

Happy Running All