Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TallyGear Raffle

I cannot begin to say enough great things about TallyGear.  Donna Annese the owner was kind enough to donate several belts.  My nephew uses her belts exclusively.  My sister spent years tracking down a belt that could hold Joe's pump and keep up with his activity level (see example below) when she finally stumbled upon the Tally Gear she hit the jack pot.  They have tons of products.  You can get a belt just for a pump, one with a second pocket (with window) for a Continuous Glucometer, you can get a purse, you can get a belt for running, etc... They do it all.  I have a few of their sport belts for running. Oh and she made me matching headbands to go with my running belts, LOVE IT!!! So if you are in the market for a belt check out her site.
This 5K was really for Joe (my nephew).  I want a cure for him.  Love that kid.  He is wearing his Tally Gear in the photo.

Won by Kelly Marcuzzi this AM.  A college rowing friend.  Love that my college rowing team came out in full force to support this run.  Thanks.

Winner: Vol Stover

Winner: 249 Bridget Maher (ahhhhhhh my niece won, that rocks!!!!!)

Winner: 151 Erica Ridley

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Amy@Diapeepees said...

Truly, Donna embodies generosity!