Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blisters and Busted Socks

Some of you will think this a bit nuts but, I have/had a favorite pair of running socks, I don't know what it was but I liked to have one pair on in every race. I would make sure the week going into a race that I didn't wear my pink running skirt or my running socks for any runs so they would be clean on race day. And after taking care of said pair of running socks, this is what happens if you wear them to an ultra. My toe came through. I was heart broken but, once again my running moms came through, they recommended I just keep the good sock and use it, so now I wear a mismatched pair but I still have half of the mojo.
Nice picture of me loosing an otherwise good toenail. I would say that only loosing one toenail in 50+ miles is pretty good. The blisters were horrible from the Grasslands. I am now actually trying out a couple of different types of socks and powders to see if I can get around blisters on my next ultra. Keep you fingers crossed for my toenails and feet.

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Unknown said...

Great blog! Funny but I learn something new here. I would stick on my smartwool socks since it makes me more comfortable and design for aggressive use.