Saturday, December 12, 2009


Oh my babies, ok they are really my running shoes but, had to post this obnoxious photo of them all lined up. And sadly pairs B and C are missing from this photo. This is my current set of shoes. They are all the same shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider 12.
Over the past 1 1/2 yrs I have bought 6 pairs of them. Each pair is labeled with a letter. I then track the mileage of that pair on my running log. When a pair reaches its expiration it gets donated. well except for the A's I keep them around for short tread mill runs. Currently D,E and F are in rotation. You only really need two pair in rotation if you ask me but, I just got F's because I wanted to break them in before crunch time and well poor D's are almost at their life end. With me anyway. My awesome friend Liz picks up my nasty old shoes and takes them to a donation site. I really wish shoes lasted longer. They seem to go so fast. Well so this answers the question that people like to ask about how many shoes I go through. The answer is a lot. Especially with my mileage so high right now. I think some folks who run in motion control shoes rotate brands they wear but since mine are neutral I don't really see the purpose and well I love them.


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

How many miles do you put on each pair? I'm due for a new pair of my trusty old adidas...perhaps I should get two pairs!

tara said...

Heather I do around 400 miles in a pair. I say that but I did have one pair who just quit early at around 300 something didn't feel right with them. But, they were the ones I wore in the Ultra and I think the trails being such a mess really did them in.

sasha said...

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