Monday, December 21, 2009

Found: One set of runner's legs

So as I posted before last week was a horrible week for me running wise. It just took all of my will power to make myself get out there and get my miles. I had to walk some miles, I had to shuffle some miles and really I didn't feel like I truly ran any of the miles. Then I finally got a day off; Friday. Saturday's 16.1 miles made me want to jump for joy. My legs were back. Oh did it feel good to just run. I was able to hold my pace between 8:30-9:00 min/mile the entire way and the last few miles were sub 8. It felt great. I wish it were easier to just adjust days off and take a day when needed earlier in the week but, I know all of you know how it is. You get your miles when you have the chance. I have to work around when Chloe is in school or Doug is in town to watch Chloe or she is asleep so sometimes I find myself running when all I really need is a day off. I think I really learned to push myself last week and I am so happy to have my legs back. Love a good run.