Friday, December 25, 2009

Avocado Pesto Tomatoes

Yummy. I am that annoying person you invite over for a meal that has an allergy so it is impossible to cook anything (sorry to all that have invited me over) so, this year for my neighbors annual party she had me make my own appetizer. I decided to try out a new recipe. You can see here the finished product. Basically I hollowed out 60 cherry tomatoes, let them drain. Made the filling by blending avocadoes with pesto and a bit of cream cheese and then filled the tomatoes. They were fun to make although not sure I would ever make that many again and they were tasty little bites. If you want the recipe let me know. I love trying out new recipes. Generally when Doug is home I try out one new recipe a week. Thank goodness Doug and Dylan will eat almost anything, they are real troopers. So far Chloe is hit or miss on my crazy concoctions.


Daniela Dobson said...

Love this. Next time I have a party I will ask for the recipe! When did you have time to make 60?

tara said...

You got it Daniela. Oh and during nap time, the recipe said you could hallow them out with a melon baller but they were way to small for that so had to use a small knife, it took forever and i had to sharpen the knife a few times to keep it super sharp so I wouldn't mash the tomatoes. I know sort of nuts but pretty sure that is what you would expect from me at this point :).