Sunday, December 13, 2009

Errrrrrrrrr Garmin

This little beauty was a gift from my brother last year for Christmas. Yes, I have a wonderful brother and no, he doesn't need anymore sisters, I asked last year and he said he was good. At first I loved my Garmin. She showed me my pace, could yell at me if I was over or under my pace, could change up screens so that I had just the data I wanted. Oh how I loved her then...a trip to VT in the winter happened and apparently my little Garmin 405 doesn't care for cold weather, she went nuts, freezing on a stupid compass screen, going haywire during runs, turning off, etc... She did make a semi come back that is until summer hit and I began to sweat (I really just glisten) and somehow sweat hitting the electrodes on the back of this sucker send it into a tizzy, we are talking denying a pregnant woman chocolate kind of tizzy. So I call up Garmin and they told me I am not the only having this problem and to wear a sweat band under it. Oh so now you can spot me I am the ding dong wearing this watch with a bright blue sweat band underneath. They also recommended I download all of the updates and get them on the watch, which only took my trusty IT guy (wonderful husband Doug) oh about half of a day. And still today I head to my marathon with a little dew in the air and Garmin freezes on me, and then the dreaded compass appears. Not to worry folks I found out today if you hold the two buttons at the same time for like an hour (slight exageration)  it powers the watch down and when it came back up I was ready to rock and roll. But today marked the third race where my Garmin has gone haywire during the race, I find that super annoying. My recommendation is get another model this one is just too aggravating.

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