Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gear: My Trusty Hydration Pack

The hydration Pack I got by accident. I adore my pack, it goes with me on almost every run these days but, the funny thing is, I got it years ago from my Dad and Step mom and I know they had no idea what they were giving me. They just thought that I liked to hike and the pack might be nice, boy if they only knew how much I use it.

I get this question a lot: "What do you do for food and water on your long runs." The answer is my North Face Flight Series Hydration Pack. I posted pictures so I could explain what I love so much about it. The bottom picture shows the chest strap, it adjusts up and down, so the ladies (you know which two I speak of) don't have to get squashed. It has a waist strap too and most of the time I use it but sometimes I don't and it seems to be fine either way. The pack holds about 2liters of water. Then those two net bags you see (top picture) are super handy for nutrition. I can reach into them without taking my pack off, so while I am running down the road I can just reach around back and grab lets say a RC treat. I did however have to search high and low for a water bottle that was skinny enough to fit in one of the net bags. I use that when I want to mix up a drink, oh not that kind, you know Gatorade or Perpetum or something. So what I would say if you are looking for a pack is find one that adjusts down to a woman's frame and that has adjustable chest straps and dang the outside pockets are handy. Oh sorry forgot to mention it does have a compartment in back which has been great for everything from my cell phone to a small jacket.

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