Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have the best support crew in the world. Both of these pictures are of my husband Doug and my daughter Chloe. I am truly blessed to have a husband that supports my training and my off the wall goals like running ultras. He wouldn't think of running one himself, he says they are too far and he wants to run for the rest of his life but, he is super supportive of my running them. He listens while I plot out race plans, figure out gear, try and fined nutrition, etc... and is always willing to help me out with his two cents if I need advice. He is a great runner but, he likes to stick to 10K's or under. Chloe my daughter is also a huge support. On most of my 5K's she runs with me (in the jogger) we have even managed to win a couple together, that is tons of fun and she loves starting in the back of the crowd and running by people as we try to get on pace (I find this part of the race annoying but she loves it). She is such a trooper. I hope she will someday run some of these races with me. At our first 5K (she was 4mnths old) we met a lady who had just run a marathon with her daughter (daughter was in her early 20's) and I kept thinking that must have been the best marathon ever. I have to say there are days when I do feel guilty, I am a Mommy after all, guilt is our

middle name:).

I worry that the amount of time I spend running is taking away from the time and energy I should/could be giving to Chloe but, then part of me knows that the running makes me a better mom. Running gives me an outlet, a place to just go be happy and work out any issues. On many of my long runs I end up thinking about how lucky I am. I don't think life has always been so easy for me I have had my struggles but, I have really come to a place that makes me happy. I adore/love/cherish/treasure my husband and daughter. I love that while running 30 miles my mind wanders to how happy I am and how lucky I am. I guess the bottom line is: I am one lucky girl and running makes me the best me I can be.


Relentless Forward Commotion said...

and Chloe is one lucky little lady to have such an inspiring mama!!

tara said...

Thanks Heather, I hope down the road she sees it that way :).