Saturday, December 12, 2009


It took me a good month to get back into running after the Grasslands but, after that I was back on track. Doug, Chloe and I had taken a trip to Germany and running there finally got me back to feeling like myself. I ran some races, a few 5K's mostly and won in my age group which is always fun and in one 5K won the whole thing, that was super fun since I would not say I am a fast runner by any means. So what happened? I was talking to my fellow running moms and my only real goal at the time was Boston marathon in April and I got to thinking that I needed to do another ultra. Cathy (running mom) said her husband was thinking about doing the Rocky Raccoon 50miler in 2010 and suddenly I knew what I had to do. The next day I signed up for my first 100 mile race. I posted a note to all of my Running Mom friends and asked who could come and help me out. I found a training plan or two and got to work. I couldn't believe that my running mom friends were willing to come help out but, 5 of those amazing women signed up to come and stay up all night and run in the woods with me, if that isn't friendship I don't know what is. My training has been going well, I am up to 80+ miles this week and am starting to feel pretty dang great.

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