Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet the Crew - Cindy

Cindy before the Hottest Half looking like a Flight Attendant.  No seriously she was pointing to exits right before I snapped the picture.
Cindy at a local 10K.  Doesn't she look happy even when running.  We like to refer to her as the "High Five Twister" from an article on where they listed the different types of runners.  The HFT, is eternally happy and, twists at the waist when running and ready to high five any and everyone.  That is totallly Cindy.

 And last up for the ladies is Cindy.  There is one more crew member, my uncle but, Cindy is the last of the Running Mama's to be introduced.  I can't say enough good things about Cindy.  We live close so we run together once a week, we get together for play dates 1-2 times a week and we just have a good time.  Cindy as you can see from all of her photos is ALWAYS smiling.  The girl is positively effervescent.  She is an awesome mom and an incredible friend.  I can't wait to get to run 17 miles with her, god only knows what she will do but, I am sure it will be entertaining.  I promise to report back on her antics. And now for her answers.  Note: Anything in purple I added.

Name:Cindy Behne

You are a Running Mom so we already know you ROCK! So tell us what running accomplishment you are most proud of.
Hmmm....I guess the fact that I completed a Triathlon (middle of the pack) 2 week after knee surgery and 7 months after giving birth to my second little boy.

What do you most look forward to in this race?
I look forward to annoying the hell out of Tara with my dancing and singing to keep her awake and moving on the last 17 mile stretch!! ha ha ha!!! Also, since she is my running buddy, and we run together once a week, I see her training and dedication first hand...and now I'll get to see the payoff in this ultimate endurance challenge (both physical and mental). Umm...and I mean this in the most endearing way possible...but I'm also excited that, for once, I'll be able to out-run her....only because by the time I run with her she'll have over 80 miles under her belt....but still....ok maybe I'm shallow. ;) LOL!!! Hummmm I think I recall my brother and sister being psyched about the same thing when I was pregnant.  I think I inspire these folks in all they wrong ways, lol. 

When do you think you are going to do an Ultra ?
Well, I don't really have the desire to do an Ultra....however, I also have said, in the past, that I didn't have the desire to do a marathon....and now I am doing one in 2 months. So, never say never right!?!?!
You heard it here first, she is saying there is a CHANCE.  Rocky is in February, hint hint, :)

What/When is your next race?
The White Rock Marathon in Dallas, TX Dec. 5th Yippeeeee, I get to run her first marathon with her.  I am so dang excited.  Of course that same weekend we have to throw both of our kids Birthday parties and of course the parties have to be deconflicted because both kids would want the other kid at the party.  We are nuts.

Anything else we should know about you?
Not to get mushy or anything, but I really just adore Tara. We get together once a week to run and at least once a week for a play date, as our kiddos are the same age and really play well together!!! She is my friend and my inspiration....and I can't wait to see her in action!!!
What the heck no making me tear up. LOL.  I feel the exact same way about Cindy. 

OMG!!! I almost forgot to tell you her awesome story.  So the thing is Cindy is positively chalk full of hilarious stories, ones that you just can't make up.  She has me laughing everytime I see her.  She is awesome.  So a few months ago when Bethany came up to run the Hottest Half with Cindy and I we were  sitting around shooting the sh#t and honestly I have no idea how this would come up but.... Apparently Cindy in college actually applied to be a Magicians Assistant, come on.  Ok that doesn't sound quite as funny as it did when she told the story and used her flourishy hand movements. She was shocked to find the dude (Magician) was a bit odd.  Not to worry she left promptly.  She also took a personality test to see what sort of career she would be best at while she was at college and it came back to say she should be an Acrobat, lol.  Mind you she was in college at the time busting her butt to get a degree and the career center tells her to be an Acrobat, ha ha ha ha... OMG that cracks me up.  She was so peeved she threw the test results away, boooo, I think she should have framed them.  I adore Cindy.  You have to meet her.  She is awesome. 


Unknown said...

OK the Magician's Assistant and Acrobat stories are frickin' hilarious!!! Does Cindy have a blog? And if not...she Thanks Cindy for helping out Tara. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Cindy will be on the trails with you. I know you two will finish with a flair only Cindy will think of.