Thursday, September 9, 2010


So my Aquaphor Teammates have been busy compiling a list of ways they use Aquaphor.  I thought it was interesting so thought I would post.  If anyone wants a sample let me know and I will send it your way. 
The many uses for Aquaphor:
1. Diaper cream
2. After shave face balm
3. Hot spots from shoes (one lady was able to use it with high heels and dance all night)
4. Lube for Bike chain
5. Fix squeaky pedal on bike
6. Coat for face and knees in cold weather
7. Removal of waterproof mascara
8. Healing wounds
9. Chafing prevention
10. Blister prevention
11. Healing a new tattoo
12. Road Rash healer
13. Anti wrinkle cream for face (eyes and mouth)
14. Lip Balm


Unknown said...

Do you have extra? I would like it for vanity reasons (of course - smiles) anti-wrinkle cream and mascara removal...MORE smiles.

My friend Julie could use it for anti-chafing...she is a chafer.

tara said...

You got it, will send you some in the next few days. I am betting you both will love it and you should use it where you get blisters before you put your socks on. Slather some on your foot.

Anne said...

I love Aquaphor for when Nile was a baby. He had the worst dry skin! But I never even thought about it for running or half of those uses. That's pretty cool - I may have to consider it when I get my post-baby tattoo!