Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet the Crew - Tracey

Time to meet another crew member.  Yep, she is is Tracey from Rocky.  She is back for more and 1/2 way through a pregnancy.  She plans to run the crew (no running for her) and keep everyone in line.  Yay, Tracey!  Note: Anything in purple is added by me.
Name: Tracey Kite

You are a Running Mom so we already know you ROCK! So tell us what running accomplishment you are most proud of.
I am most proud of the TRI I did. I know it is more than just running, but it was harder than I thought and even though I panicked when I hit the water I kept going and never gave up.

What do you most look forward to in this race?

Helping Tara do better than before. This race will be a challenge for the crew, but I know we will get our jobs done and help Tara finish and with a time she will be proud of. Thanks mama.  I think it is awesome I have no real stated goal for this race but Tracey and Marny know me so well they know that I have to do better than Rocky and I would love to break 24hrs.  You ladies rock. 

When do you think you are going to do an Ultra?
Not sure if I will do an ultra. After I have this baby I want to do a Marathon and some more Tri's. If that all goes well then I will consider a 50. This is what I like to hear, wooot wooot, come on over to the dark side Tracey, ah ah ah (you should hear an evil laugh).

What/When is your next race?
My next race is the birth of this baby. After that I will start running full force again and then plan the 2011 race season :)

Anything else we should know about you? I think the fact Tracey is back for more after Rocky says it all about this mama.  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Tracey you rock, thank you so much for being there for Tara and the rest of the crew. I hope Tara reaches the goal she is thinking about, I beleive with all of the supposrt she will. If you need anything please let me know. Rea

Unknown said...


Seriously cool that you are helping out during your pregnancy and all. Thanks for supporting my tough as nails sister.