Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet the Crew - Teresa

With the Heartland 100 upon us it is that time again...Time to meet the team, the crew, the pacers, the cheerleaders, the chefs, etc... You name it this team is ready to do it.  I am getting super excited and a tiny bit, ok a ton, nervous.  First up on our meet the pacers posts is,,,duh duh duh...Marny's (from Rocky Crew) little sister. Note: anything in purple is something I added in.

Name: Teresa Scarland

You are a Running Mom so we already know you ROCK! So tell us what running accomplishment you are most proud of.  Teresa would like to point out she is not a Running Mom.  I say she rocks anyway, she must, she is related to Marny and willing to give up a weekend for this nonsense.
I'm not a "running mom", just a girl trying to run away from grad school!

What do you most look forward to in this race? I'm looking forward to seeing a 100-miler in action and being a part of the experience without having to run that far :)

When do you think you are going to do an Ultra? Uh oh, no answer to this one.  Not to worry folks I have 11 miles in the middle of the night to get to the bottom of this and get back to you.  Although, that experience my convince her that 100 miles is truly for the loons.

What/When is you next race? My next race is the KC Waddell & Reed Half Marathon. Next--I hope to run my first marathon soon! Don't know exactly when or where yet however.

Anything else we should know about you? I am left wondering what she is in grad school for... hummmm, well again will find out at midnight on the 9th, lol.  Also I will see if I can get dirt on Marny (who is now being called Marnython by our group for her amazing accomplishments in her last two 50 mile races).  Can't wait to meet you Teresa.  Thanks.


Unknown said...

She is so cute! Good luck Teresa and let me know how it goes. I hope to help Tara out on one of her crazy-ass races soon.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the entire week end, from what I hear they are always an adventure. Glad you are part of the crew. Tara's Mom

jill said...

i love knowing who'll be pacing you for this. 11 miles is plenty of time to learn a lot of dirt on Marnython!

Teresa said...

haha, "Marnython"--love it! i left the ultra question blank since im not sure i have one in me. we shall see how marathons suit me first! also, im in grad school at KU for history (modern european) right now and will hopefully have my masters (and my freedom!)by this may. oh ya, and i am already thinking of funny marny stories to keep you entertained while we run :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Teresa. 11 miles of funny Marny stories you already have the right idea on the pacing job, :). Thanks a ton for doing this. Can't wait to meet you. -Tara