Friday, June 24, 2011

First Wave of Results

There is still time to enter the 5K.  Click on link below and head over to register. 

Results are coming in.  You can find results as well as a list of registrants here.
Once you have completed your 5K please send me your time by posting it at the bottom of any of my blog posts and if you want an extra entry into the raffle send a picture.  The pictures can be sent to: (original I know, lol). 
So here we go:  People are already sending in pictures and posting videos on their own blogs about this.  For those that complete the 5K prior to tonight they will be entered for a chance to win this

A Sweatyband.  Wahoooooo!!!  Chloe is picking what gets raffled each day, so bright and shiny things are bound to go first.  You are safe waiting to do your 5K if you want the Road ID or Injinji socks (they rock but aren't toddler picking material), lol.

Beth.  She the mom of a Type 1.  She finished her 5K yesterday.  Wahooo, Beth.  Great Job!
Christy, ummmmm, that looks like she was having too much fun!
Meri and her friend Kathy

The Stacy's:  Got it done this AM at O'Dark 30.  Go Mamas GO!

For a Video of Susie doing her 5K head here.

For a VLOG about Scott doing his 5K with half a shoe go here.

See Heidi's Blog about her 5K here.


Happy Running All!! Get your family and friends and head out there for our 5K.  We are making a difference.


Unknown said...

Virtual 5K time: 30:30. Thanks Tara, great idea.

Amanda said...

I did mine this morning around 5:45am. 48 minutes for the initial 5K! 74 minutes total if you count the other 1 mile walking, and 1 mile bike ride, oh and the talking and visiting with the other people down at the track! This was a great idea and I hope next year I'll not be so busy with other thigns and be able to make an actual event out of it with my other fellow walkers here in town.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I just finished mine! 24:17 I will sent you a picture, what is your email?

Teresa Scalard said...

Hi Tara! I just did my 5k and my time was 22:52. Thanks for doin this!

Emily Barnett said...

32:50 and I think I might be dying.

Unknown said...

Heidi Timm did it in 54 minutes. She wasn't sure how to report it to you...I told her I would do it. This is fantastic Tara. I will share. xo

Meri said...

I just finished mine: 62 minutes. :)

Meri Schuhmacher
Pic coming to an email near you!

Alissa said...

Finished my 3K @ 29:30. Completed the run with one quick pause for a bg check in the childcare! Thanks!!!

Denise said...

I just finished mine. Didn't time it but probably close to 2 and half hours since my three boys kept stopping to search for frogs and chase ducks (plus my 3 year old was tired and walks slow anyhow) But we did it!!! Will post about it soon :-)

and THANKS for setting this up!!! Such a great idea!

Ronda said...

Hello....did my 5K in 30:10! Sent you a picture via email! Thank you for everything that you have done to make this happen Tara! You Rock!

tara said...

Does anyone know Alissa's last name? I can't find an Alissa and so I can't enter her time.

tara said...

All right can someone hook me up with Denise's last name as well. I am not sure who to put these times with. Sorry

tara said...

Ok got my names on previous questions. Almost Raffle time.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Zick & Ben Gabryshak finished in 35 minutes! What a great event!

Becky V said...

Becky, Jeff, John, Anna and Ginger Volovsek in 61:05. Walking, biking and stroller riding - we got it done! So fun!

Liz said...

I finished... I e-mailed the treadmill picture, not of me sweating ridiculously.

NattyBumpo said...

My time was 25:32 for the 5K...and all but killed me to do it that fast. But now I have a baseline for the summer of speed work and cross-training to see how much that improves. Thanks for that.