Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Pain in the Back

As some of you know in the late summer I herniated a disc in my back or rather a herniated disc in my back flared up. I most likely actually got the tear a few years back when I was lifting a washer/dryer unit and the guy I was lifting with apparently couldn't hold his side up and let it drop, no warning just dropped it, well that hurt. It really hurt. This is a note ladies, don't date guys that are weaker than you, you can get injured, ok you can date them but don't get them to help you carry a wash/dryer combo unit (those suckers are heavy). Ok so back to the back. Mostly tore the disc then. But I guess these things don't heal and will flare up from time to time and so even though my back was hurting this summer I decided to run anyway. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb (please repeat as many times as you feel necessary). Well .5 miles into my run, I can actually show you exactly where it happened; I took a step and BAM! No more standing upright. I had to walk home stuck at a 45 degree angle (I guess that is better than 90). After a month of therapy I was back up and running and training for my ultra. I thought I was in the clear and then on Sunday. Chloe was done eating so I picked her up out of her highchair and POP! I knew instantly something was not right but didn't seem as bad as last time. I got into the Doc today and after the initial evaluation he thought it was not so bad and then I started therapy, after the second station I couldn't even stand, I had to drag my body to the table for muscle stem. I was crawling/hobbling to the table and in tears it hurt so badly. Ok so now I am home, I can walk and I am thinking: What the HECK! All of this training and I might not be able to run for a few weeks. I am doing the race, I just don't care, I am doing it but, let’s face it there is a small chance 100 mile with a messed up back might hurt a smidge. I am bitter, frustrated, ok I am PISSED OFF! Why is my back giving me trouble now? Oh the Doc answered that last one for me he said it probably happened because of all the training. Ughhhhh. Did I say I was frustrated? I just want to run dang it. So I am ranting. Ok done now. I am going to run this race, it is fine, and it just isn't going quite as planned. I have two weeks to get this under control. I can do this.


cathycrisp said...

just a little bump in the road. a little glitch really, that is not going to get in your way! race day and you will be standing at the start line!! yep, rocky here she comes!! you are going to rock this race!!!!

Retta said...

Hi there. I just joined CM's Running Moms group. It's so wonderful to see another mommy blogger that loves running as well. I hope you feel better soon!!

tara said...

Thank you. It is already feeling better. I just have to let it heal up. Glad to meet you Retta.