Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Pavement Ate My Shoe

The other day I went to grab my E's (my shoes that are labeled E) because it was their turn to run. Since they were a bit messy with dried mud all over them I had to carry them to the door and that is when upon turning them over I noticed what you see in the picture to the left here.  They have been destroyed.  I took them out for their run and when I got back I looked up their mileage.  They supposedly only have 390 miles on them.  Is it possible I have such bad form that in only 390 miles I can do this to a pair of shoes?  Clearly I am a heal striker but apparently I also don't lift up my leg.  Oh my.  I hate to take the blame for the destruction seen here so I think I will blame it on the pavement.  It couldn't possibly be that on the second or third day of running double digit mileage that as my legs get tired I just shuffle.  No way.  I would never shuffle :).  It has to be the pavement.  I think the only solution here is to resort to trail running only.  Oh wouldn't that be nice.  Think I have to move for that to happen.  I guess it is time to start looking into yet another pair of shoes.  sigh!


Becca said...

Yikes! I'd say you're right...time for a new pair of shoes!

Unknown said...

Went and gave mine a look after seeing yours, time for me to get another pair and start rotating. Getting some wear on my heel too, don't feel alone. I overpronate alot.

tara said...

Ha ha, nice to know I am not alone on this :) and that I am not the only one who didn't notice :). Now to find new shoes.