Friday, January 15, 2010

80 < 100, 80 miles < 100 miles and 80 miles in 3 days < 100 miles in 24hrs

All of you math people get where I am going with this.  I was pretty psyched to hit 80 miles in 3 days this week and then I read a comment that said it was great and I thought: is it?  I mean I am excited about a distance that is insanely shorter than what I plan to do in just three weeks now.  I want to run 100 miles all in one day.  That is a ton more than 80 miles spread out over 3 days.  I guess that doesn't make my accomplishment any less but lets just say it does give me a few prerace jitters.  I know in my heart of hearts that I can do this, I can run 100 miles but, dang somehow it seems so much bigger than anything I have ever done before.  Maybe that is attration.  Doing something that is so much bigger than anything I have ever tried to do?  Maybe it is for the runners high I will be on for like a week after?  Maybe it is for the challenge?  Maybe it is for the cool belt buckle (don't really think that is it)?  Maybe it is just because I love to run? Anyway not sure but, sort of think it is funny in an not ha ha way that I was psyched to run a distance over 3 days that doesn't even equal the distance I want to run in 1 day.  Now it is time for the tapering to begin. 


Marny said...

Chill out Tara! That's what race day is for. We all know you can do 100 miles, but part of the fun is never having done anything like it before the BIG day. You're trained, you will be tapered, and all the pieces will come together at RR. It's like a play. You've practiced all the scenes over and over in different conditions. Now we're just waiting for opening night where you will get to shine with all the other ultrarunners who have gone through the same things you have during this journey. Happy Tapering!

Becca said...

Either way I find you ultra runners CRAZY (just as I do Ironman Traithletes!)

tara said...

Good point Marny. Will try and not freak during the taper :).