Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TX Weather

You know you live in Texas when your laundry looks like this (see picture right) and you are headed out on a run dressed like this (see picture below).  Somehow to get through last week I needed every pair of tights I own (all three pairs), the warm ones for temps in the 20's the other two for weather in the 30's or 40's and a few running skirts, WHAT? Yep, somehow I had to wear everything from tights to a skirt.  Now I am not complaining because here I am typing this post wearing shorts and a tshirt.  I am just saying this is some nutty weather.  Oh and yes for those of you with eagle eyes those bright green things are a pair of Recovery Socks, dang I love them.  I think I might just love running gear in general. 
This is my first week of tapering and I love it.  My plan is to do my back to backs but, they will be in the 10-12 mile range instead of around 30.  I am getting pretty excited about this race.
 I was reading Jamie Donaldson's Blog yesterday (she won Badwater last year, making her my hero) and she somehow ran like 164 miles for a training week and followed it with some amazing 7mm pace in a 38 mile race the following week.  I would love to know what her legs are made of, :).  That is just so dang impressive.  When I read about these super amazing athletes I always am inspired to push myself just a little more. 
Oh and on that note, sort of.  Last week I posted about my friend asking me about: What made me think I could run 100 miles, and I was saying it was because of training and who I was.  I was thinking about the post later on and I left out my Mom, I mentioned my siblings and my Dad but, I didn't say that I grew up with a Mom who would dive into any task.  In fact one thing that I remember from childhood is that once we were landscaping the backyard and we needed some postholes dug, you know my grandmother (maternal) flew out and ran a post hole digger with my Dad.  Now if that doesn't make you think women can do anything men can do I don't know what would.  So I guess I am saying that growing up I had parents that showed me by example that you can do anything you set your mind to and you can see that reflected in me and my siblings. 


Marny said...

Shorts and a T-shirt. Luckyyyy! I wonder what kind of weather TX will bring us on race day?

tara said...

I hope it is like today, ahhh it was nice.

cathycrisp said...

did you shave for the picture?:) i am teasing you!! you look awesome!!!!!!!

tara said...

I did shave but it was after the embarrasment of not shaving from the day before so, not for the picture per se.