Friday, January 22, 2010

Foam Rolling

Do you ever really need to work out a tough knot?  You know the one that has been there for weeks and is only getting bigger and tighter.  Well if you do I highly recommend a Foam Roller + Toddler combo.  Knot Not kidding around here (the puns there are cracking me up).  Ok seriously in the mornings when I use my Foam Roller, Chloe loves to jump on my legs and get a ride.  The extra weight is awesome.  She can really work out a calf muscle.  Even if you don't have a toddler around I do totally recommend a Foam Roller, they rock.  You can really work out tired muscles.  I really like it for my IT band and my calves.  So just a short post to show how my morning started off :).  Come on you have to admit that is one cute kid.


cathycrisp said...

she is cute!!!! what a good idea!! dang, no toddlers around here, guess a ten year old might not work as well:) love the picture!!!

tara said...

well just how small is she? just kidding, you might just have to go without a weight :)