Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Week

I am out of town and trying to do this from an ipad. Cross your fingers this will work.

The 5k begins on Friday. Your friends and family can still sign up and you can still enter to win the incentive prize.

Running: I think I went a little nuts. I ran way too many high mikeage weeks without a rest week. Last Friday the wheels came off and I began a rest week. My legs were just dead. This week I have been in Texas so, it is the perfect time for a rest week. Here is the thing, in the past during a rest week, I ran short and fast. I tried to go fast a few nights ago but, holy cow it was like running in a bowl of sand. It was so hard to get my pace down and it hurt. Today I ran my 5k. I ran a 21:59. Boooooooooooo. I kept it under 7 for the first two miles then again the wheels just came off. I think I might have over trained a bit this time around. I need to figure out how to get back on track. I need three more good weeks of training before I taper but, I dont want to push to the point of injury or whatever is going on right now with my legs. I am confusaled ( baffled and confused) as to what my game plan will be next week. Might have to listen to the old sticks and play it by ear.

Blog: My sister wrote a Guest Post for Candy Hearts. I was so honored she wanted to write about me. You can check it out here.


Stacy said...

Hi! I am a new mommy to diabetes and just completed 5K- Where do I post time and photo?



Heidi =) said...

I wasn't sure how to post my results or photo so here is a link to my blog about my virtual 5K...thanks for hosting this it was awesome and felt good to push myself to get some exercise (it's usually last on my priority list)