Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Week

This fundraising journey has been nuts.  I still hope to raise $5K for JDRF, I know there are 500 people out there that are just dying to do a 5K.  Uhmmmm ok maybe there are 250 and those 250 can talk their spouses into it :).  My favorite saying fits this scenario perfectly: Shoot for the moon, if you miss you will land among the stars.  People, we are shooting for the moon.  Whatever is earned goes straight to JDRF and that is the goal, to get them money so they can find us answers. 
On another note, the original purpose of this blog: to share the ramblings of a totally insane mother who likes to run too much.  This week has ROCKED!!!! Some of the Running Moms, ok Tracey, told me I had to step up my game.  She called me out and said I needed to start running some 30 milers.  I got in one last week and then did back to back 30 milers this week.  Holy Cow! I am tired.  Today's 22 miler felt like it was in sand.  I made it to mile 17 cruising along and then hit a wall, wait...bashed head first into a wall made out of cinder blocks and reinforced with rebar and cement.  It was so hard to make it home but, I did.  Now I am trying to figure out, with Doug headed out of town, how I am going to squeak in 27 more miles this week.  Hummmmmmm....does anyone else see the dreaded TM in my future or is that some sort of left over side effect from the heat exhausting I inflicted upon myself?
On a great note: When I contacted Injinji about the raffle for the 5K, they read my blog.  Well as you might recall I said I used their socks sometimes and said they didn't have padding so I couldn't use them all the time. it turns out, I was wrong.  They just put out a new sock with padding and they sent me a pair to try out.  OMG!!! feet are in heaven.  The padded Injinjis ROCK, they are so amazing.  I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend them.  They don't come in cute colors or striped rainbows but they do feel amazing.  Hey you can't have it all. 
Happy Running All! 
Don't forget to sign up for the 5K, sign your family and friends up and share it on your Social Networking sites. 


Unknown said...

Love that you actually WEAR those socks. Maybe...someday...when I am a long distance, wait...and insane distance runner like you...I will get some of those socks.

And...thank you for doing all that you are for fundraising. There are no words that can express my gratitude adequately. xo

Tracey Kite said...

You know I am starting to feel a little bad about the 30miles ;). But I do think it will help you if you do them, and in a few weeks they wont kill you anymore and then you need to move up to 40's (just kidding).

Those socks look cool, I have been wanting to try them out I think I will have to get me a pair!

NattyBumpo said...

I am working on getting some more folks to sign up. I am trying guilt and shame.

tara said...

Bahaha Tracey, you shouldnt feel bad. Someone has to call me out when I am getting lazy, lol. You were totally right btw. I needed to up the miles a bit but needed a kick in the pants.

Nat, thank you. I am all about shame and guilt it is bound to work on someone, lol. Thank you. Hey if you get enough people you might win the pottery.