Sunday, June 26, 2011

3rd Wave and 2nd Raffle Winner

Daughter Gilwee: You are the new proud owner of an AWESOME red running hat by Head Sweats.  Email me your address:

 You can still register.  Just need to get your 5K done by tomorrow at midnight. Click on the icon below.

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OK now for some exciting news!!!! Theresa Zahn of Pensacola FL has made us to vases to giveaway.  They are gorgeous.  So today there will be two winners.  Each will get a vase that looks like the one below.  Wahooooo!!!!!!

Vase for Sunday's Raffle x 2
More Pics are coming in.  Love it!

Team Bean
Bourdeau Crew

Mama Bourdeau

Oh Vibrans and Injinji's LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Bourdeau

Bourdeau Family

The Forciers.  You rock! 

Dan Forcier and his daughter Sophie

Now that is what I like to see.  A seriously tired looking runner.  Go Julie Go!


Stephen.  Nope we don't mind the flag in the background at all, infact love that we have people in other countries doing this race.  Wahoooo.  Go team Scully.
Ollie ran the 5K for his son.  He is in Finland.  Love the fact this made it beyond the US.  Thank You!
Gilwee Gang did the 5k as a family, love it!

The Nash's in action

Tara Gabler and her crew

Coach Tracy got hers done even while on vacation.  Thanks Mama!

The Bean Crew Blogged about the 5K


Amber said...

I raced a 5K yesterday with a new PR of 25:53. I'll send a pic.

Nicole said...

Our 5K is finished today :) June 26th time 24:10. Our whole family joined in the fun relay style!! Blog and pictures to come :)So my husband and I will have the same time...I hope this is OK!!