Saturday, June 25, 2011

2nd Wave and Winner from 1st Wave

And the Winner from Wave 1 is:  #39 (that coordinates to Cindy, wooot wooot!!!!

Cindy our winner from Day 1

It isn't too late to enter.  Just head click on the icon below and get on over to JDRF and get er done!

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Today's Raffle item is this awesome hat from Headsweats.
More pictures of our awesome runners/walkers/supporters.

Denise and her gang

Denise and her sweet Bryce

Give it up for that belly.  Cindy got her 5K done in the hot TX sun while preggers.  What trooper.  Little Vanna should be proud or cooked, lol.

Karen, another TX runner.

One of the Bloom Clan

Mathew Bloom (I am pretty sure)

Bloom Clan

Got to be Martha Bloom

Team Bloom

OMG how cute.  Team Bloom again, they were a big crew.

Yep, Team Bloom

Team Bloom

Team Bloom


Seth at the finish line. He is training for his first marathon, wahoooooooooooo!

My buddy Liz.  She doesn't always look this robotic.

How cute are these two runners.  Naomi and Harrison Skye.  Love this photo


Team Scully pulled through and got this 5K done any way they had to.  Love it!

Team Scully

Team Scully


The Scully's

Diane's Blog about her 5K


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Tara, I received this message from Su Newbury:

This is Su Newberry (Nikki's friend), I just ran my 5k but don't know how to post my time. I ran it in 23:58, not too bad for being so out of shape. My husband also registered, (Gardner) Case Newberry, he's not on the list yet, but his time was 30:05.
Thanks! -Su

Unknown said...

And another two finishers.

Penny and Grace Ashton (50 minutes)

Kara said...

Kara W= 26:04

Laura said...

Laura Kearns, finished in 27 minutes on June 25th.
Will email a picture!

runnerpaige said...

Paige Greiner finish time (taken from a long run this am) 27:09 :)

Seth said...

Hiya! Sent you an email & Fb Message with my results. The email had pics. I'm all over the place here so sorry for the spammed posts.
22:42.14 / 7:19 pace = a TIE with my all time PR for a 5K. Very happy to have done it on your race.

Jen got out there in the heat of the day. Walked 3.35 miles for a 57:27 total time. I am proud of her for it.

This is good thing you've done, Tara. //BZ//