Monday, June 27, 2011

4th Wave and 3rd & 4th Raffle Prize

And the Winners of the Awesome Pottery are:

Cheri Visscher (43) and Lora Ackerman (153).  Wahooooo!!!! Email me your addresses at:

At the close of business today I am going to start raffling off all the prizes so standby for tons of winners.  Get your times/finishes in so that I can enter your name in the raffle.  All you need to do is post anywhere in the comments of this blog that you finished and if you want to send in a picture for an extra entry, email it to me at the above email address.

Pictures are still coming in.  Love to see everyone having some 5K FUN!!!!

Duckworth Crew
Megann Heath

The Heath's

The Heaths
The Volosek's getting er done as a family
The Volosek kids, love the sign, what it was right side up to her.
The Volosek's
The Volosek's

Nikki and Adie

Check out Megann's Race Recap.
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The Duckworth's Race Report


Unknown said...

Reyna, Dave, Bridget, and Joe Maher finished.

Craig, Becky, and Cameron Stowe finished.

Nikki and Adie Stevens finished.

Margaret Macdonald finished.

Julie Miller Johnson finished

Melanie and Emily Tupaj finished

pix of all the above to follow...I'll send in a group pic and I am currently making a video.

THANK YOU...WE had a BLAST!!!!

Unknown said...

I finished! Did the virtual 5k along w/ my high school alumni cross country race. 22:30ish on a miserable course!

Anonymous said...

I finished. Not in great time but i finished! (32.57) -keely maher

Cindy said...

Jake Roerig finished.

Lora said...

YAY!!!! I still need to send that pic :/

Unknown said...

Tara, did you get the Cozad's finish and pix via email. She said she sent it, but was unsure if it went through.

Misty said...

Misty First finished! Such an awesome event that you organized Tara! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

OK...Lauren Jordan finished today (I just registered her)


Laura and Emily (with the last name of "Margaret's friends") finished with my crew yesterday. So add in a pic entry for them too please they were in the vid and in the group shot. Love ya!!! xo

KerryC said...

Kerry Cracknell - 31:41 this morning (Singapore time!). No pic I'm afraid - but it wasn't a pretty sight....HOT out there today!