Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have been struggling with my motivation lately.  Sometimes it is so nice to not run and just have almost zero pain from injuries like my foot that, I get caught up in not running.  I took most of December off due to a back injury.  You all know my back if I push that sucker when it is on the brink it will show me who is boss so, I wisely (yes I am still congratulating myself for this stroke of genius, hey it doesn't happen often let me bask in the glory of a smart decision) took time off and didn't push the back.  It started to feel better by the time Christmas rolled around but, we had a house full and it was easier to just extend my break.  Then as I was feeling ready to run again it was the week before Disney and I had thought who cares I will just run this week and not taper but, a nasty flu had other plans for me so I laid around praying to the porcelain god.  Then somehow I don't know how I ran a 1/2 and full while winding up my bout of the flu.  You would think when I got home from the races I would have felt like training again knowing I have a 50 miler in 1.5 months  but it wasn't so.  I just didn't feel it last week.  I did get out for one awesome 6 miler and got in some hrs on the elliptical but nothing great.


(insert serious happy dance)

TODAY however...

(like singing and waving arms and twirling happy dance)


IT WAS DIFFERENT.  I did my elliptical and was thinking of calling it a day and then I called myself out and hit the mill.  I started off jogging at a 10 mm and suddenly that wasn't enough.  I tapped the pace down and kept running, at 3 miles I thought: "ok I will do 5, lets go"  so I began doing a progression and dropping the pace every .1 miles until I hit 6:30mm and I would run that pace until I was ready to break and then put the pace back at 10mm and work it again.  It felt AWESOME!!!!! to do the 6:30.  I mean I definitely feel how much I have lost in my legs but at least they can do some sibilance of a speed workout.  I ended up doing 7 miles because I was having so much fun. 

I feel great.  I think I might even do this 50 miler in March.  I was beginning to think I would drop it but now, well, I might just have a chance to get my legs back in time to do it and have fun.  Man I love running, it just gives you so much.

Happy Running Everyone!! Hope you find your legs today.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

yay for finding your legs and having it feel great! I hope that continues! Today is a rest day for me.

KEFFitness87 said...

That is so awesome!! Sometimes you surprise yourself and this was one of those days!! I love that saying" Finding your legs"


Scully said...

Good for you! I'm always happy to hear about healed runners.
A true runner is someone who always picks it back up :)

Unknown said...

It ALWAYS comes back... sometimes it's days.. sometimes it's weeks.. hell, it's been months at times.. but it ALWAYS comes back. That desire to run. To beat yourself to a bloody pulp.. just becauee you can. To get out here and work it out on the road (or mill.) It ALWAYS ALWAYS comes back. Glad you are back. :) 6:30s.. damn girl. i was happy .. ecstatic.. to break 7 the other day.. even if only for TWO 400s...

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