Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JDRF Virtual 5K - 2012

Alright folks: I am starting to plan the fundraiser for this year.  Once again 100% of the profits will go to JDRF.  We raised 3.5K last year and I know we can do better.  So that being said I would love input on how you all think we can earn more?  I am open to all suggestions/criticisms/ideas. 

I want to move the date of the run from June to April.  I know I need to find a way to better track who has entered the race, I am going to contact JDRF about their site about that.  I also think I should raise the registration price from $10 to either $15 or $20 (thoughts). I will once again contact a ton of companies about donations but if any of you have ideas about companies who would donate, let me know.  The more the better.  Also we could use a better logo for this years race, anyone handy enough to make one? 

Ok people let me have it...how can we earn the most money for JDRF????


Scully said...

I'm looking forward to it! $20 is good I think.

Anonymous said...

I think $20 is the magic number. Good with April. Nana

Unknown said...

Hmmm 1. love the JDRF... 2. I need to talk to you about doing this for my 'little thing'.. if you do mine I'll do yours.. or how about if I do yours you do mine!? Wanna run together?


Amanda said...

Fun! I'm in for the race, I loved doing it last year and what a good idea to do it on Joe's bday weekend. I wonder if you contacted Tips for Type 1 for a raffle item, she does blue and silver nail polish, and her proceeds go to JDRF