Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Why do I host this 5K to earn money for Juvenile Diabetes?  Take a look to the right of your screen.  See that kid flipping you off...that is Joe (he isn't flipping you off btw he, is flipping off Diabetes, or showing a cut that wouldn't heal because of the stupid disease).  He is my nephew and when he was 3 1/2 his mom realized he was way to thirsty and hungry and peeing excessively.  Joe was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was just 3 1/2 yrs old.  The diagnosis completely changed my sister's world and that of her entire family.  They had to learn to be a pancreas for Joe because, his went belly up.  Since that day Joe has endured 10-20 finger pricks a day, a site change for his insulin pump (large needle placed in his booty that delivers his insulin) every few days and sometimes a third needle to his arm where he wears his Continuous Glucometer.  The kid is phenomenal and diabetes doesn't slow him down or define him.  He is an amazing hockey player, in fact he is an extraordinary athlete all around.  His being so active requires my sister and her husband to be on their A game.  They have to be the perfect pancreas so that he can lead the life of a normal kid. 

There isn't much I can do to help but, I have hope.  Hope that with research one day someone will create a closed loop system to act as a pancreas for Joe.  Hope that his life will be as normal as possible.  Hope that he will grow up to be a strong healthy kid with no side affects from this horrible disease.  Hope that someone will come up with an answer as to why Type 1 even happens.  Why does a persons body attack it's own pancreas and shut it down?  What I can do is support JDRF, support the research necessary to get answers.  This is why I host this 5K and pray that I can make a difference.

This year we are celebrating Joe's Birthday with a 5K.  The Virtual 5K will be on the weekend of April 28/29th (Joe's Birthday Weekend).  The cost to register will be $15.  The raffle of prizes will be huge like last year and this year to earn extra entries into the raffle you can pay an extra $5 for every 5K you want to run after the initial for an additional entry.  So if you want two entries you can pay $20 and run a 10K.  Or three entries would be $25 and a 15K.  More money for JDRF + more running = all good.

We already have the following raffle items:
6 Gift Cards from Road ID
1 hat from Head Sweats (left over from last year still trying to get more for this year)
1 necklace from CreativebyLiz
Crocheted items by Cindy Roeing
1 package by Todd and Moore Sporting Goods

WAHOOOOOOO!!! We are getting there.  I sent out a ton of emails asking for raffle items and got a few responses but I will continue to work this.  I know we can earn more this year. 

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