Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh Goofy...That Really Hurt!

Kaci and I
The Goofy Challenge is a 1/2 marathon followed by a full marathon.  As I posted previously I scored a free entry into both races as did Doug (he only wanted to run the 1/2).  We ended up making a fun family weekend out of ht opportunity.  Needless to say Chloe had a blast and it was amazing to see Disney  through her eyes and pure joy. 

On Friday Doug and I ran to the expo and grabbed out race packets while Chloe and my mom went to play by the volcano pool.  On Saturday AM Doug and I had to get up at 0315 to get to the race.  Thank goodness our room was right next to the transportation center so it was quick to get to the monorail station.  We met one of my Running Mom's, Kaci at the start and we all hung out and tried not to freeze as we waited for the start of the race.  Unfortunately last week I ended up with a pretty nasty flu and I wasn't quite over it by race day.  Doug and I had decided to run the race together no matter  but, I was bummed that my flu issues might hold him back.  I tried to buckle down and run hard but as most of you know if you have GI issues going into the race running hard isn't going to fix them.  I could hit just under a 9mm without having serious stomach cramps but any faster than that and my stomach went bonkers so that is the pace we stuck to.  Doug was a trooper about going slower.  It was just awesome to get to run the 1/2 with him and I hope we get to do it again soon.  He is an amazing runner and I just adore it when we spend time together doing things like this.  We finished in just under 2hrs and made it back to the room in time to join Chloe and Nana for the days adventure at Epcot.

Doug and I at the finish
We had to get a picture with the Army Man
Doug and I mid -race

Oh my I think my picture on Sunday morning before the Marathon says it all.  Don't I look scared?  I was so nervous.  I know I can run a marathon that isn't the thing it was the worry about my stomach.  It had hurt so bad the previous day and, I was nauseous almost the entire day at Epcot so, I was super worried about how it would hold up and I didn't want the marathon to go on forever, ughhhhh...  So with a sense of dread, I turned on my podcasts and started what would be the longest marathon I have ever run.  It took FOREVER!!!!!! and a Day.  I had to make multiple stops for GI issues and of course to get some pictures taken but, in the end I just trucked along at a super slow pace that allowed my stomach to stay semi settled.  With 2 miles to go I just didn't care about the GI stuff anymore and picked up the pace to get the thing over with.  This was the hardest I have EVER worked for a marathon finish.  I am proud that I stuck it out but, part of me wonders why I did.  Why don't I have an OFF switch?  A common sense button that tells me when I should just bow out of a race.  I think this is one of those races where I might have proved I can gut up any race but a smarter runner would have taken the day off knowing that there is just no way to have a good race while recovering from the flu.  You need fuel to race a marathon especially if your eating has been off for a week.  But if your stomach is wonky you can't fuel on the run so what are you left with?  A super slow race.

I am a bit disappointed and am not quite sure where I am going from here training wise.  I am supposed to run a 50 miler in March but I will have to start training for that soon if I don't want another miserable race and well I just don't know how I feel about that right now.  I really miss CrossFit and the awesome feeling I had at the end of each of those workouts but I don't want to be injured again so, I need to figure out what my plan is...

Happy Running everyone!
Before the Marathon

Chloe posing for a picture as we entered Epcot.  It was absolutely amazing to see Disney with her.  We had a great time.


Unknown said...

Again Tara you inspire all of us yet I believe you should listen to your body and break as needed to get physically well. You have proven time and time again that you can overcome adversity.

Mary said...

Tara, I won't lie... I would have tried to do the races too. I know it's hard to say "wait, this just isn't happening" but I understand why you kept going, knowing you weren't 100%. You went a long distance to race and I'm sure they're amazing races to do as well. I hope you're feeling better now with the GI issues.

Unknown said...

boo... you need a new 'family'... you know to replace what you are missing at CF! I have trouble w/ the off switch too... nice job... NOW REST!!!!! said...

That is amazing that you decided to run even though your stomach was aching yesterday! You are a real hero. well done.