Friday, June 11, 2010


I was laughing at myself this week.  Running has some awesome benefits and a few downfalls.  The con I was thinking of this week as I put on my bathing suit was the horrendous tan line I get.  You can see it in this picture.  My upper thigh (not my best feature to begin with) is neon and the rest of my leg is a nice bronze.  Doesn't that seem like someone is playing a joke on me.  My calves aren't half bad, and yet they are my nicely tanned feature where as my thighs light up like the strip in Las Vegas.  They might as well have arrows that point to them saying: look at me, look at me. That is great lets draw all of the attention to those thighs.  Now the ironic part of this week is as I dropped Chloe off at school the other day.  The receptionist had her daughter with her (a young teenager).  When I came back by the desk they were obviously talking about me.  So the receptionist says: "my daughter thinks you have great calves, I told her you have to run 100 miles to get legs like that."  That compliment put a smile on my face but I was thinking dang don't tell her that, tell her it only takes 10 miles a week and step it up from there.  LOLOk to recap:
Horrible tan line. Might blind people at the pool.


Ahhh! On a training note, this is the end of my rest week.  Dang it has been nice.  My legs are finally back to feeling almost springy.  The only way to remedy this springiness is to shoot for back to back 100 mile weeks.  Come on last two weeks of hard core training.  Lets Go! Happy running all.  Will report on how my 100 mile weeks go.  Hopefully well. 


Marny said...


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, always interesting. XOXO

Unknown said...

HAHA...GREAT LEGs Tara. Even if they do need to send out a local "BLINDING" ALERT. You do have the most awesome calves of anyone I know!

Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

stems, i love that word marny!!! you do have awesome legs, white or bronzed!!!!

jill said...

love the thoughts about tan lines! this is the first summer that i've got my own running lines - nice calves and arms, belly & thighs are a glaring white!

James said...

Lovely bloog you have here