Wednesday, June 2, 2010

45 miles

A cool interview and spotlight on Dean K. I think it was on 20/20 last night but couldn't stay up to watch.  Oh how sad, lol.

Yesterday I woke up at 2am with the goal of running 50 miles by the time I needed to pick Chloe up from school.  I figured with everyone coming into town and the Graduation party I better get my running in early this week or I wouldn't get the chance to run and would be grumpy. :) So I woke up and headed out the door but, by mile 15 I was having issues.  I am not sure if it was the stress of this week, how tired and run down I am or all the miles from the previous weeks but dang I was beat.  I got in just shy of 18 and went home, checked on Doug and Chloe and drove over to Cindy's house.  We headed out for I think just over 7 miles and by the time I dropped her back at her house I was thinking: you know I have over 4hrs of running time left and only 25 miles to go to my goal and who cares if I come up short, I just need to keep going.  And so I did, I began running and when I was tired would walk and then ran and then walked and I got in 20 more miles.  So my 50 miler became a 45 miler which isn't the greatest but, I went through some ups and downs and worked through them.  I think it was probably a better training run than if it had gone smoothly.  Ok or I am just telling myself that. Anyhow I don't feel all that disappointed.  I am sort of proud I kept going when all I wanted to do was quit.  I have a few more miles to pound out this week and then a rest week next week.  Ahhhhhh rest week.  What to do with all that time? 


GDBpuppyraiser92 said...

45 miles rock!!!! and so do you, Pea!! way to go, you kept going when clearly you were tired!! i am super proud of you!!!

Unknown said...

Great job! and I think you are onto something with that being an awesome training run...when you are not feeling 100% and everything is going "smoothly" - the rough runs will help you through the tough spots on your race. I am sooo proud of you.