Tuesday, June 29, 2010


First up in Tara news: My team gear arrived for Team Aquaphor and so did a myriad of samples.  One of the products was a soap/shampoo/shaving cream for men.  It is great.  I did share with Doug don't worry folks.  I have tried our two of the tops and they will work great for running but the team shorts are going to be tough for an ultra, think I can squeak out a 1/2 maybe full marathon in them but, anything beyond that will be chafe city.  Oh and speaking of chaffing; the quote on the Aquaphor stuff is: At 10 miles it isn't the other people rubbing you the wrong way.  LOL.  I LOVE that saying.  So any how I am super psyched to belong to this new team.  Wooo hoooo. 

Last week was my last hard week of training, now it is taper city.  I have to really try hard not to run hard or long during the next few weeks.  I truly feel this is the best training has gone so far and I feel great.  Oh dang I hope I can break the 100 mile mark.  That is my one and only goal for the race.  I don't care how I do it, if I have to walk, crawl, sleep, eat, not eat, etc... I just want to crack 100 miles. 

I am starting to put my race gear together.  After 3 years of running my pack into the ground the bite valve gave out on me and once I replaced that the bag gave out so, I am off to REI tomorrow to get that replaced before the race.  I am also starting to stock up on the food I like to run with, I don't want to take chances that I can't find it in VT or PA, would rather just have it and take it there myself.  I know that is silly but, I just want to have as many things planned out as possible so I can focus on the goal not the obstacles.  Eyes on the Prize as Jenni would tell me.

I am currently only down 1/2 of a toenail so looking good going into the race.  I think there is a 50/50 chance I can come out of the race with the toenails I take into it, lol.  Not to worry will paint them just in case so you won't see any black and blue marks, ha ha.  Doug thinks I am nuts for painting toenails that are going to fall off but I say a girls got to do what a girls got to do. 
A huge shout out to my buddy Paula who is now officially an Ironman, super impressive.  Also WS 100 was this past weekend and I got to track my buddy Cindy live, it was amazing.  She is the woman I talked about meeting at my first ultra.  She ran WS 100 as her first 100 mile race in around 28 hrs, now that is impressive.  Happy Running All! It is raining around here this week so it is the best running.  As Cindy (running partner) would say God has his sprinklers turned on for us.  Love that. 


Anonymous said...

You look great in the new gear, glad you are sharing some of your Aquaphor loot.LOL Yes, the toe nails must be painted. Enjoy your taper, this is your race. XOXO

Unknown said...

Love the toe nail painting as you KNEW I WOULD. B/C I think you are a NUT and a HERO for running as much as you do!!! Cannot wait to see you and Chloe in 16 days. LOVE YOU.

Marny said...

The Aquaphor jersey looks great on you! Happy tapering!

cathycrisp said...

woo hoo! you look awesome!! you are going to rock this, Pea!! I think it is very smart how you prepare with all the food etc. One less thing to worry about!! GO TARA GO!!! I am just a phonecall away if you need to talk anytime before/during/after race. Idont care what time it is, I will be here for you!!