Thursday, July 28, 2011

Headlands-Meet the Crew

Race day is approaching quickly.  I have calmed down somewhat.  I am now looking forward to a long run and the hills well all I can do is tackle them one at a time.  I feel good about the race.  It may have more elevation gain than Leadville but then I have never shied away from a challenge.  This course may take over 24hrs on my good day but I will still get er done.  On that note I think it is time to meet the awesome folks that will be helping me out.  I will post pacers in another entry. 

I am lucky enough to have family in the San Fransisco area.  My cousin Todd and his wife Kathrin live in SF and actually seemed slightly excited to try out the whole crewing thing, bahahahahaha.  I would say that their enthusiasm is due to my lack of details on what crewing meant but, honestly I gave them the low down and they were still in.  Conclusion: They are related so they are probably slightly insane as well (must be in the gene pool).  They are the sweetest couple. 

Kathrin with Chloe.  We met up with them in VT in June.  They played with Chloe for hours, love love love that.

Todd and Chloe at Ben and Jerry's. 

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Love it!!! I know that you are going to rock this!!!!!!! No doubt in my mind at all! said...

Now, the mummies are running with their child?)) Nice pics!