Sunday, July 17, 2011

Holly's Blog

I met one of those super moms (you all know at least one of them) back in Texas.  Holly  is amazing and the author of I Heart Bowheads.  Anyhow she has been looking into what makes a  mom click.  You can find my interview here and if you are interested in answering her questions she totally wants more mamas to give her feed back so leave her a comment and she will send you the questionnaire.

I haven't gotten in much traditional running lately but since Chloe is currently injured (her foot is broken we think) I have gotten in some great hill training.  Chloe has totally been down with me running up and down the stairs of all of these mountain temples with her on my back.  I love that she is excited to get a ride and I get in an awesome workout.  So while I do not have any mileage to report my legs are sore from carrying almost 40lbs up and down Japanese Mountains. 

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I followed the link and the interview proved to be very interesting and full of useful information) Waiting for other posts!