Friday, December 24, 2010

Wooot Wooot Running Loot

We celebrate Christmas a little differently at our house.  It almost never lands on the 25th.  Christmas for us is about family and since Doug is a pilot he is almost never home on the 25th.  We celebrate Christmas on the day nearest the 25th without going over (it would be cruel to expect kids to wait until after the 25th not so bad if it comes early) that Doug has off.  This year Doug had the 22nd and 23rd off so, that meant Christmas was the 23rd.  Christmas was great, all of the kids were here and Chloe finally understands the whole Santa Claus thing.  How can you not be excited with a toddler in the house.  They get so excited for Christmas morning. Even the older kids seemed to feed off her excitement. 

This year Christmas seemed less stressful.  It seemed almost easy.  I was stressed out leading up to it and the graduation party (we had a party for Caitlin on the 22nd with over 30 people, she graduated from Cornell with a degree in EE, now that is impressive) but once everything started to fall into place it seemed to go rather smoothly.  Maybe things were less stressful because now there is a routine at the holidays, or because I got in a few runs, or because I had everything planned out, or because we kept everything as simple as we could, or maybe the combination of all of those things.  The thing is: Christmas was FUN!!!!  I had missed Christmas of old for sometime now but, this year it was back and I just loved it and everyone that was there to share in it. 

So onto the loot already!  I scored some seriously awesome running gear.  New tights, winter gloves, a new insanely awesome Camelbak, and a gazillion pairs of running socks (yipppeee get to throw out the ones with holes) oh and there was more but I don't want to nauseate any of you, :).  One of the best presents was a set of coupons I received from Caitlin.  She is a thinker.  I already said the kid is smart but, to come up with this, I would say it was brilliant.  What is one of the best gifts you can give a running mom?  A mom who's husband travels a ton. A mom who is obsessed with running.  A mom who doesn't like to leave her kid with many folks.  A mom who likes to run hours on end.  What is this gift?  See below for the golden present.
Can you read that?  Good for 1 run Babysitter.  She made 5 of these Golden Tickets and wrapped them up for me. 

I feel more relaxed just reading the tickets.  Oh I plan to use them all in the next week and a half.  Chloe is out of school so I don't have my usual few mornings to get out and run.  Hello sanity! Thank you Caitlin.  Oh and this wasn't to make light of any of my other running gifts I just thought this one was insanely clever and thoughtful.  Pass it on if you know a mom who runs.  I bet she would kiss you if you gave her one of these tickets. 

Merry Christmas all and Happy Running!

PS I am currently waiting for Caitlin to show up so I can use my first ticket, wooot wooot!


NattyBumpo said...

Yea for new loot. I will have to put on my "dad" pants and smile and pretend that everything is OK, but, I'm not feelin' it this year.

tara said...

Dang, that stinks, sorry to hear you aren't feeling the holidays this year hope they go smoothly and things pick up for you soon.

Unknown said...

YAY for running LOOT and the "golden ticket"! Merry Christmas Sis!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Nice to get the perfect gift!

Army son blessed me with "watching" his younger siblings for my long run this weekend. Awesome gift! He also got me cotten candy, boy does that kid know me! ;-)

Nursing Stroller-Pushing Marathoner said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! ;-)