Friday, December 31, 2010


There she is: 2010 Training, all in one chart.  Not sure if it seems more or less impressive all simmered down into one chart.  My goal this year, thanks to another Running Mom, Heather, was to run 2010 miles in 2010.  I hit that goal in October and then did the math and realized I would have to put in some serious miles to hit 3000 miles and I just wasn't up for it.  So, of course that is now next years goal.  I would love to hit 3000 miles in 2011, run well over 100 miles some weeks and see if I can hit 400 miles in a month.  My goals as you can see are mostly centered around mileage and not time, I think that is due to the fact I am still in the infancy of my Ultra running.  I still need to work on my base before I get to wrapped around the axle about speed.  Next year my only plans so far are to run Rock Raccoon (50miler not 100) and take some time off to heal this foot up.  Beyond that I am considering a ton of races.  I have a friend Anna running a 50 miler in May, I would like to run VT 100, maybe try Heartland again, maybe try Javelina, see what the local CT races are and of course run as many races with friends as I can. Now that you can see I have zero idea what I am doing next year lets recap 2010.
Cathy and I

Cindy and I
My buddy Bethany asked what we were most proud of in 2010.  You would think running wise it would be my 100 milers but, it isn't.  I honestly was way more proud of Cathy and Cindy and getting to run their first marathons with them.  I am beyond proud that a Master Chief I used to work with just posted on my FB wall that he is inspired by me, he has run 3 x 1/2 marathons this year.  I am most proud of inspiring others to run.  That just makes my day, makes my year in fact.  It makes my heart happy. 

Rocky Crew
The Bling
As for my running I am really proud to have finished Rocky last February, I had no idea what I was getting into.  I read later that due to weather they had the lowest percentage of runners finish that year, something like 60% didn't make it to the finish line and that number is way higher for first time 100 milers.  At the time I didn't know that it was rare for someone to actually finish the first 100 mile race they attempted.  Ignorance is bliss.  If you don't know you are expected to fail the only option is success, right???? :)

Boston cheering squad
Boston was an awesome experience.  I highly recommend running it if you get the chance.  The streets were lined for 26.2 miles, it was the craziest thing I have ever seen. 
LR crew.  Oh do I owe them.

Lone Ranger, what should I say about this race?  It was a great learning experience.  And....OMG it SUCKED!!! Holy frick'in cow.  How do you bruise the bottoms of your f'ing feet.  And running 24hrs is from some form of hell.  It was miserable, not sure I ever want to do that again....ummmmm...wellllll.....I have this problem.  You know what I hate even more than bruised feet, GI issues for 16-24miles, sweltering heat and pavement?  I don't like leaving things on a bad note.  There is this sick part of my head that wants to run it again so I can do better.  OMG, sometimes I want to kick my own a$$.  Why would I even consider this?  Someone have me committed if I sign up for LR again, please. 

Heartland, Spirit of the Prairie 100 miler, was one awesome race.  From start to finish it just went well.  I couldn't have done it without the awesome crew there.  The crew got together with past crews, all successes and failures were noted and they were ready to go.  We weren't going to make the same mistakes twice.  Thank goodness the crews for all the races were so amazing and really paid attention to what worked and didn't so they could pass it on.  This race rocked.  I made some mistakes but overall it went really well.  I am 50% sure I am going back in 2011, I want to win.  Second place rocked but, 1st now that would would be 1st in a 100 mile race.  So might have to revisit that one.

2010 was really an amazing year for me.  Thank you so much to all of you who crewed for me or let me run with you.  I am a lucky girl, I know that, I am thankful.  Here is to a wonderful 2011. 
Doug, Chloe and I.  I am one lucky girl.

Happy Running my Friends!

Favorite Mantras/Quotes
Relentless Forward Motion (got this from some ultra running blog)
Shoot for the Moon if you miss you will land among the stars (close to a B. Littrell quote, my Dad used to say it all the time)
Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never ever give up (Dean K.)


Nursing Stroller-Pushing Marathoner said...

Great post, Tara. What an awesome year. Glad you enjoy inspiring others, you sure do a good job at it!

Unknown said...

You are inspirational Dear Sister! I heart you.

cathycrisp said...

This makes my heart happy!!! I feel very blessed to have you as my friend. Reading this brought tears to my eyes, Love you, my friend!!!! Heartfelt thanks for always being there for me, good times and bad, that is what friends do. Cathy

cathycrisp said...

oh and P.S. You know you are going to do LR again at some point, i can feel it:)