Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Scored

Grandpa Art, Chloe, Dylan, and Grandma Meg at the center of the UT campus.  Trying to teach Chloe how to do the Long Horns sign.
On Friday after Thanksgiving I drove down to Austin.  Dylan (my youngest stepson) had to go back to school (UT) and, I wanted to meet up with my in-laws who would be passing through and, see my oldest stepson (Ryan).  As you can see it was a win win from the get go and it got even better because I managed to workout a meet up with Bethany (crew from Rocky and Lone Ranger), wooot wooot. The title of this is "I Scored" because, I feel like I won the lottery getting 3 hrs to chat with Dylan.  Any of you who are parents/stepparents of young adults know it isn't easy to get time to talk with them.  They are always on the go and it never fails that when they do call it is an emergency situation and that gobbles up the conversation time.  So, to get 3 whole hours to just talk with Dylan was a major SCORE! He is one amazing kid.  He is in his first year at UT and he is just thriving in the college environment.  I had the best time listening to him and his ideas on things.  Here is where running comes in.  We did for a brief second talk about running.  We were talking about ultras.  He was shocked there needed to be a lottery for a 100 mile race, after all how could there be that many people who were nuts enough to run one, bahahahaha.  To top that off  I was explaining the Grand Slam (4 Historic/Bad Ass 100 milers back to back to back to back, over the summer) and he said "can you do that" and I said "well you can do anything you set your mind to, right" and that point I got the "ummmmmmmmmm.....(insert long pause).....yahhhhhh (insert thought of my step mom is totally off her rocker)."   OMG that cracked me up.  By the way I told him that was going in my blog.  We made it to Austin and got to spend a wonderful day with the in-laws and with Ryan.

Then the icing on the cake: I drove to Bethany's house (she lives just outside of Austin and when she heard we were driving down she graciously invited us over to stay the night), Chloe and I stayed the night and the next morning Chloe and CAB (Bethany's son) had an all morning play date.  It was so great to get to hang out with Bethany.  She is one amazing person.  Somehow I always find it fun to hang out with other runners.  When you get to hang out with another Running Mom it is super special and when it is another runner, who is a mom who is also ex-military it is extra extra special.  Suffice it to say we had a great time. Oh and as running goes, she is I think 1/2 way through her pregnancy and still running, I am super impressed. 

As you can see I did indeed Score one awesome two day trip.  Wooot Wooot!  What a great way to finish up the Holiday Weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did score. It is always good when you have time to just visit. XOXO Mom

Unknown said...

Ah Tara, that sounds like a fantastic trip! I am so glad you got that time to chat with Dylan and he isn't the only one who thinks it is NUTS that there is indeed a lottery to run those races! That is CRAZY. I am shocked that there are that many Ultra Runners out there. Impressive.