Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Head Sweats

My New Love
Once again I was listening to The Marathon Show.  What?  I told you I am now in love with listening to podcasts.  I have listened to every Marathon Show and Endurance Planet (now off the air for an undetermined amount of time and maybe forever, booooo)  made and most of The Parent Experiment shows.  I have A LOT of time on my hands, lol.  50-100 mile training weeks leave you with a ton of listening time and well if I am not listening to something, I am thinking and, as you can guess that isn't always good.  No one wants to contemplate anything for that length of time.  So, podcasts it is. 

Long Bill
Back to The Marathon Show. I was listening as Joe (the host of The Marathon Show) was interviewing the owner of Head Sweats.  I then expressed interest in a hat they made with a longer bill.  I was thinking the bill might be great for running in the blazing Texas sun.  I might not have to pull my hat down so low over my eyes.  I also wanted to know if they made arm bands because, as you all know I wear a hideous and bulky sweat band under my Garmin.  Don't even get me going on the need for a sweat band and my Garmin.  That topic can send me into a tizzy.  Anyhow the owner said they aren't making arm bands but he would send me a hat with a 1inch longer bill.  When the package arrived from Head Sweats it was like Christmas. Don't ask me how the guy knew I loved red but along with the long billed hat (which is white) he sent me a red hat (love love love it).  As you might guess the sun is no longer blazing in TX (it is just toasting) so I can't try out the long billed hat for that but, I did take it out in the rain and you know what?  That sucker keeps rain off your face, it was awesome running with the longer bill in the rain.  It even kept Doug's glasses drier than normal.  Yes, Head Sweats generously sent us two long billed hats so we both got to try them out.  What a great hat for running in the rain.  The other feature I really like is the lining that keeps the sweat from dripping down your face it is super soft and it works great. What a great hat. Woot Wooot!

I heard from other runners that their visors are the bomb diggity so that is what I am going to try out next.  I have been dying to try out a visor for ages but just never got around to purchasing one but, if it fits as well as the hats do then I am in.  I saw a coupon code for Head Sweats on The Marathon Shows FB page so, if you do decide to get one definitely head there first so you can get $5 off.

Training: Well I am back into the thick of things.  I have a marathon this weekend but have no idea what to expect of my legs.  They are a bit tired so we will have to see what they can do in this state.  I do plan to run the marathon hard. 


Unknown said...

I LOVE Head Sweats. Seriously, they rock.
I have one visor and one regular bill hat.

I, too, wear a giant/thick sweat band under my Garmin!! I really, really want to know your reason but I don't want to send you into a tizzy.

Happy Running

Unknown said...

Love the name Head Sweats!!! Now that is clever.

tara said...

Haha Jenniferr. I wear it because when I called Garmin about the issues I was having with the 405 they told me I needed to lock the bezel and wear a sweat band. Really really annoys me that they know there is an issue and instead of fixing it they have the customers use work arounds. I feel a tizzy coming on.