Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holy EarBuds Batman

First of all, I have a terrible time with earbuds (head phones that fit in your ears) apparently along with my abnormally small head I have small ears and thus the stupid things fall out.  So a normal run goes something like this...running along...running...feel bud coming out...swing arm up to nudge bud back in, this somehow dislodges the other side, nudge it in....running...feel bud coming out...repeat for 20-100 miles.  It drives me nuts and forget about just wearing one bud.  If I put just one bud in and the other down my shirt the bugger constantly falls out. ERRRRRR!
I was listening to The Marathon Show and Joe (the host) was interviewing the owner of Snuggbuds.  The owner was talking about the sound quality and other stuff and then all of the sudden...dah dah dah...he said something like: you know women have smaller ear canals so the buds come with different size buds that are rubbery so that they will fit in anyone's ear.  Oh the guy had me at small ear canal but, then he went on to talk about the fact they cover the cord in material so that it doesn't get tangled up.  WHAT!!! I am not messing with you folks the cord is completely covered in a black material and doesn't tangle.  Nuts.  I tell you.  Nuts.  So there I am looking at the guys website and all of the sudden ... Joe (the host) says will you give the ladies on chat a pair and the guy says YES.  WOOOT WOOOOT!!!!!!

Yesterday I come home to find my new pair of Snuggbuds.  Oh they are lovely.

This morning I head out on my run with my new buds in.  At first I am listening to a podcast (The Parent Experiment, I am all out of Marathon Shows and Endurance Planet Podcast, wahhhhh).  The podcast sounds fine, nothing to write home about and then it happens...BUM BUM BUM...BUM BUM BUM...Beyonce's "Single Lady" comes on and, dang I can almost feel the beat in my soul it is so clear.  Then it gets better.  All of you who follow my blog know where I am going with this.  Yes, folks the Black Eyed Peas hit my ear canal and shoot straight through my brain and down to my heart.  And so I did what anyone would do if they had the Black Eyed Peas piping straight to their soul.  I first began singing...I GOT A FEELING...THAT TONIGHT'S GONNA BE A GOOD NIGHT...and then well ..Tonight's the NIGHT LETS LIVE IT know that part.  I am in the middle of a median when that hits.  No problem.  I stop and yes, I start dancing, I just have myself one big ole party on that median.  I jump around like a fool and sing out loud and wear the biggest grin.  I am sure I got some funny looks but couldn't say for sure because I was focused on my one person dance party.  And who cares probably made those peoples day.  Maybe they will go home and head out on a run.  I am telling you the sound clarity from these buds blew my mind.  They nearly popped my heart.  I wanted to run so fast that I almost made myself puke on my beloved mountain bike trails.  I just ran like I was flying, with music piping in so loud and clear that I felt like it was inside me.  Dang that was an awesome run. 

So a huge THANK YOU!!! to Snuggbuds.  The earbuds are the best I have ever had, ok I didn't even know that sound quality could be that good.  Yowsa.  And finally for a visual aid for you followers out there.  I tried to reenact my dancing once I got home.  This just in: If you order Snuggbuds and enter the promotion code: THEMARATHONSHOW you will save 15%.


Anonymous said...

Pat and I love your dance moves, yeah earbuds. XOXO

Unknown said...

Nice moves, Tara, I have small ear canals too, will have to try them!

Unknown said...

congrats on finding good stuff. Cute too (love hot pink!)
you have some sweeeeet dance moves :)

jill said...

LOL Tara, the dance re-enactment was awesome! Small canals and they don't get tangled? Sweet!