Friday, October 15, 2010


As most of you know my goal with this blog was to relay my running tales and let other runners know what worked or didn't work for me.  I wanted more than anything to inspire others to get out there and run.  I am a firm believer in: You can do absolutely ANYTHING you put your mind to.  Along the way I have received messages that I inspired someone to get out there and run a certain distance or try something but, some of my favorite messages are the ones that say that I have inspired someone to TRY.  Or made someone believe that they could do anything, WOOOT WOOOT!!

That in mind this has been a huge week for me.  I ran a great race and had a ton of support and tons of messages about how I inspired someone or touched them and dang that made me proud and happy.  Then this morning I wake up and find a message on FB from another PTA mom who said she wrote a blog post about me.  Her post pretty much hits home as to what I would love for people to get out of my blog.  Dang Holly made my day.  AND THEN...I get home from my run and on FB there is a post from Joe Taricani host of The Marathon Show and he has put me in his new promo video.  The icing on the cake is what he has to say about me is that he bets a few years ago I didn't think I would be running ultras and yet here I am today finishing a 100 miler in 21hrs.  He is right.  Every runner, every person, can do absolutely anything they put their mind to.  The possibilities are really only limited by our minds and what we believe we can do.  I am so dang psyched.  What a great week.  If you get a chance check out the Marathon Show podcasts, they are great, they have everyone on from Bart Yasso to Ordinary Joe Schmo's like you or me.  Thanks to everyone for all of the FB, Blogger and CM love.  You all have really put me over the moon.  Help....someone lasso me in, :).  I am a lucky girl to have so much support, I know it and I appreciate it more than silly words could express.


Unknown said...

It is all true...and of course people will support you in your quests! You inspire us all. You are loved...because you love and care so deeply. You are supported because you support whole-heartedly. Way to go sis!

Anonymous said...

I think Reyna said it all, you care so deeply, give your love to family and friends, you touch so many peoples lifes along you lifes journey, you are a very special lady. XOXO