Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Red Bull Really Does Have Wings

Recently I ran a race with a dear friend of mine Cathy. I was so inspired by how hard she pushed herself that I found myself once again totally gung ho about running. When I got home I immediately got to work on a training plan for the Lone Ranger 24. I know, I know I have Boston in a few weeks. But here is the thing, while I would love to PR at Boston and that is my plan, a PR will still land me in about 16,000th place, and I am not exaggerating here. So lets call a duck a duck, I am not a fast marathoner, I am middle of the road, could I be faster with some speed work, sure, am I going to win marathons, uhmmmmm, not in this life time. So I have two goals: 1. To PR at Boston (and I am allowing myself one week of taper to try and do so) 2. To go over 100 miles at the 24hr race. I think both goals are totally doable. But, I won't be crying if I don't get the PR, I will however be completely bummed if I don't see a 1 - 0 - 0 after my name at the Lone Ranger.

So back to the training plan. I came up with a plan that would have me running more miles than I did for Rocky, running more back to back long runs and pushing myself to the outer limits of my running abilities. My legs would not have been so sore after Rocky if they were in shape for that race so, I have to train more and harder this time around. The other key thing I have to do is work on nutrition. I need to find a good source of protein, I plan to try peanuts and beef jerky next week and will get back to you on that. I also need to find an extremely high source of caffeine or some other stimulant. I bonked as you all recall in the last race, it was so hard to stay awake at mile 83, that I didn't. The girls said I was sleep walking. So I have to find a way to wire myself through the night.

This week I tried Mountain Dew and Red Bull. The Mountain Dew was good and once it was super flat didn't bother my stomach but the Red Bull, holy cow. That stuff had me flying higher than a kite. I took a couple swigs of it and 10 minutes later looked down at Garmin to see I was running sub 9mm pace and it didn't even hurt. Yay, Red Bull. Think I found a new way to completely wire myself. Next time I use it I will let it go flat overnight, after a few hours of being open this AM it was still quite fizzy. But I really liked the way it worked.

I also tried Carb Boom chews this week. All I have to say about them is: AWESOME. All natural and dang they pack a great punch. Those and Honey Stingers are definitely my top choices for chews.


Marny said...

Awesome! Hey I just remembered we had those chocolate covered espresso beans that we forgot to use. I saw some at Whole Foods and I'm going to give them a try some time. Glad the Red Bull worked!

Susan O. Keller said...

I think it's cool how much we can learn about ourselves and our needs from running. I'm so excited for you, and I'm looking forward to following your progress.