Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Toe Nail Report

I know you are all dying to know how many nails I lost from doing the 100 miler. Well so far none. Nope not kidding. But...there is one toenail that is completely black. It is still fully attached but it is black so, have to assume it will pop off at some point. I think the Blister Shield and Injinji's really helped me. And actually if I could somehow prevent my longest toe from banging the front of my shoe when running on trails I don't think I would loose any toe nails but, not sure how you do that. Can't get bigger shoes or they will slip. I am already wearing running shoes a whole size larger than my normal shoe size and don't have any issues when running on normal surfaces but, dang trails over 50-100 miles really mess with my nails. Oh well. I will just keep painting my nails and no one will know the difference.

Oh and on a side note: Had an awesome 10.5 mile run today. I think my legs are really coming back. I was able to do some hill work this week and then a nice negative split run today. Oh how I have missed my legs, it is so nice to be getting them back. And they came back quicker this time so, I think I am getting in better Ultra shape. Wahooooo.

I have painted my nails a super nice blue for my race with Cathy. So next stop: Modesto. I will take lots of pictures and maybe even a video or two. Happy Running All.


Unknown said...

Good luck to Cathy! I hope you guys have a great time and know you will do an AWESOME job supporting her. Cannot wait to hear how it goes.

Anne said...

I can't wait to hear how Cathy's first marathon goes - and I know you two will have a blast!

Anonymous said...

So glad you can run her first marathon with her. I will be waiting for pictures. Have fun. Love, Mom

Tracey Kite said...

Maybe you should try out a pair of Trail shoes, who knows they may help.
Can't wait to see the pictures!!

jill said...

i know it's supposed to be a badge of running honor, but i don't want black toenails or to lose any of them. i'm partial to them.