Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I just got back from an absolutely amazing run. I am in Vermont this week visiting my sister. It isn't always easy to fit in run times for us but today she spelled me for 40 minutes and I took full advantage. I went for an awesome 5K on the snowy roads. It was like running in wonderland. Snow falling on your head, sticking to your face, feet freezing with every misstep into a huge snow pile, it was honestly amazing. I had a great run and really just went as fast as I could. Figured if I was running short I had to run fast. So not really jealous of you all that live in places that it snows all winter but can see why you enjoy your outdoor runs in the snow, it is awesome.
This morning we took the kids sledding. Now that should count for a few runs or at the very least a hill workout. Carrying Chloe and myself up the hill dragging two sleds was quite a workout. She had a great time and I got to feel like a kid again flying down the hill on a sled. Usually I hate cold weather but slowly I am accumulating gear that keeps me warm in the cold and I don't seem to mind it as much when I am warm, bet most of you already knew that was the answer :). Only took me 36 yrs to figure that out.
Happy running all. Hope you all get out for an awesome run today no matter how long or short.

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Marny said...

Glad you and Chloe are having a blast! Hooray for running in snow!