Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cathy's Crew Report

In Mama Cathy's words:   "well, it started off great, we were all so excited!! we get to the race site about 4:30 am.We were told that parking was an issue. I don't know who was more nervous, Tara or the crew!!! Off she goes, all goes well, soon she is on mile 60 and flying into the aid station telling Marny "I hope you are ready to run because I am on fire!" Off they go, mile 80 and she is not looking too bad, cold yes and visibly tired, but dang she just ran 80 miles!! Tracey's turn and off they go. We go to the next aid station which is 3.1 miles i think and wait for them. Time begins ticking away. It is over one hour now and we are really beginning to worry. Finally...... we see them. I took one look at Tracey's face and knew something was not right. Then i looked at Tara. She was literally asleep on her feet. She kept mumbling, I have to sleep. We checked her in at the aid station, making sure it was ok to take her off the course to rest. Bethany and I literally had to carry her down the stairs to the car. We put her in the back and all of us cover her up and then she starts shaking from head to toe. I have never been so scared in all my life. Marny tells me to climb in back and "cuddle" her. Sorry Tara, but it had to be done:) she then starts babbling incoherently. O.K. time to get some medical help. The nurse comes over and gets in the car and looks her over, deciding we need to get her out of her clothes and socks and into different ones. All the nurse could say was " You ultrarunners" Not sure if that was a compliment or not? :) Well, Ultara sleeps until about 3:45 and wakes up and asks if she can continue and all i remember is all of saying Yes!!!!! Off her and bethany go for 12.5 miles. oh how we were worried, but she looked better so that was a good sign. Bethany texted us "3 down, 9 to go" YAY!!! What a feeling when we saw them coming into the aid station!!! 4.5 to go!! I am so honored to have been there to share the last miles of rocky raccoon with her!!! What a trooper!!! She tripped a few times and kind of moaned, her legs were hurting her so badly, yet we kept walking at a pretty good pace and never once stopped. By far this was one of my best expierences ever with a group of girls that i feel will remain friends forever. To see her cross that finish line and that Tosta victory smile!!! YES!!! YOU DID IT!!! YOU KEPT YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE, TOSTA!!!! You are truly an inspiration to us all!!!!"


Unknown said...


Great post...thanks for bringing her in @ the end...sounds like you all did great...such a wonderful group of ladies.

Anonymous said...

Thank the entire crew for taking such great care of my daughter. I knew from what Tara had told me you would be there for you and if need be carry her out. I prayed all night for all of you, I did sleep in my desk chair waiting for your posts. Yes this crew had our runner UL-TARA and to make her that she had the "ULTARA CREW of CAFE MOMS". Thank you are very small words for what I feel about all of you and the support you gave Tara. OXOX Mom