Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Day 1

Oh don't fret I am not going to post each day, just lacked any creativity for a title today. The year has officially begun and it began for me with an awesome brunch at a neighbor’s house where I got to gorge myself on tons of gluten free food followed by a spectacular run. Why was the run so spectacular you ask? Because this is my short week, the week where miles don't matter, nested in between sets of 3 long weeks I have this one week where I get to run short and fast everyday and I love it. Today I ran 5.3 miles in 39 minutes and while I know that isn't super fast for most of you for me it felt like heaven. Most of my training runs are 20+ miles and my pace is therefore somewhere between 9:30 and 11 minute miles. You can imagine how great it feels to hit the street with only a water bottle, no nutrition, and just run fast without worrying if I will bonk later. Ahhhh love it. Alas, at the end of these weeks I am always tired of running fast and want to get back to my favorite type of running: Long and Slow. I think I just like to break it up a bit.

Yesterday I registered for the Lone Ranger 24, that is right, after posting that I wanted to run a 24hr race this year I decided to bite the bullet and register so, if you are in Phili on the July 17th weekend and have nothing better to do at 2am please come run a few miles with me. I would love the company.

So the year has begun with a bang and Rocky is only 35 days away. I am so dang excited.


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

woooooooooo Lone Ranger!! I'm excited, I've never been to an ultra! Hopefully it won't influence me into signing up for one any time soon, haha

tara said...

I hope to influence you into this ha/ha. That is great if your enabling me ends up getting you into it.

Christina said...

I love it and if I was in the area and awake at 2am I would def come WATCH, lol.

tara said...

Nice Christina, so you are in, right? Sign you up for the 2am leg of the race :)