Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pretty Please with a HUGE Sugar Booster on TOP!

Come on only 6 people have signed up for the 5K.  Three are related to me, ok, one is me and, I payed $55 so I could run a 45K, wahooooo!!!! One is my husband who has no idea he is signed up and one is my mom.  Please sign up. You can do so here.  All information on the race is HERE. And Pretty Please with a huge Booster of Sugar on Top spread the word on your blogs, FB, Twitter, DM, etc...  This year one of the moms of a Diabetic asked that I also focus on awareness so, I am going to try and get something up once a week to give you a better idea of what life is like for a Diabetic Athlete or Mom/Dad/Guardian of one.  First up will be an interview with Chris Scully (coming soon), Type 1 running dynamo from Canada.

On my personal running front I seem to still be stuck in a bit of a rut.  Not sure how to shake it out so I have just been working to get in 40-50miles a week knowing that eventually the need for distance will strike me and I will be set up nicely to hit it hard when it does.  The foot is still and will remain busted so, that is a bummer but hey what can you do?  Oh and I plan to hit Modesto in March to run a marathon with Mama Cathy.  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Now maybe that is what I need to light a fire under me :). 

Happy Running All!

Remember to check out the cool raffle items being offered up and sign up for the 5K.  100% of the proceeds go to JDRF.  100%.
This Bad Boy is being raffled.  If you want a shot at it alll you have to do is sign up.  Thanks Liz.

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Unknown said...

LOVE that bracelet!!! You are a rock star Tara. Thank you for getting this up and running again this year. Love you.